TR’s Reminders: Kumkum Bhagya and more…

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TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders… Kumkum Bhagya:
King realizes his feelings for Pragya. He doesn’t focus on his work and just thinks of her. Abhi and Pragya’s relation gets back on track. Their cute moments are seen again. Abhi and Pragya get some happiness in their lives. Abhi gets mesmerized with Pragya’s beauty. They relive their old togetherness. Abhi defends Pragya and scolds Tanu. He reminds Tanu about her illegitimate relation with Nikhil. He tells Tanu that Pragya didn’t marry King, she didn’t cheat him. He realizes Pragya’s truth that she is still only of him and is very happy about it.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash gets framed in the fraud case by Sehgal. He gets caught in a drugs case. Falguni knows Suyash is innocent and supports him. The family decides to meet Sehgal and know the real intentions behind targetting them. Suyash gets freed by Sehgal himself. He gets confused over Sehgal’s motives.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman faces a big sorrow since he has got paralyzed. He has always been a support to his family. He doesn’t want to become a burden for his family. He tells Ishita that his life has got ruined, he can’t live as a burden on them. He feels he has totally lost in life and turned useless for them. Ishita encourages him. She tells him that he is very important for the family. She tells Raman that he is her world and he shouldn’t think of anything wrong. She doesn’t want Raman to take any wrong step in depressed state.

Kaleerein: Vivaan and Sunny fight for Meera. There is a big drama. Everyone wants to know whom did Meera marry in the mandap. Meera tells Amar that she has married Vivaan, but Sunny calls it a big lie. Sunny insults Meera’s values and asks her how can she lie about her husband. Meera hugs Vivaan and cries. Sunny breaks their moment and claims that she is his wife. Meera tells her parents that Sunny is a big fraud, Sunny had kidnapped Vivaan, but Vivaan is her husband. She tries to get proof against Sunny. Vivaan beats Sunny and teaches him a lesson. Sunny leaves the family in confusion. Amar slaps Vivaan and ousts him from the house. He asks Vivaan to stop it now, he won’t bear it more.

Kundali Bhagya:

Rishabh and Shrishti catch Monisha and confront her for framing Karan in her fake allegations. Prithvi insults Karan. Preeta’s tolerance level ends. She defends Karan and shows her immense belief in her best friend. She scolds Prithvi for doubting on Karan’s decency. Karan questions Preeta over her feelings for him. Preeta tells him that he is everything for her, since he is her best friend. She wants to keep their friendship. Karan understands her unspoken feelings. They have an emotional moment. Karan and Preeta recollect their love journey.

Perfect Pati:

Pushkar is a total control freak. He doesn’t believe in giving liberty to women. He feels women are just meant to obey men and stay in their traditional limits. Pushkar’s mum Rajshri finds Vidhi a suitable girl for him. She sends the alliance to Vidhi’s house. Pushkar gets to hear much appreciation about Vidhi. When he learns about the alliance, he agrees to meet Vidhi and know her before marriage. He wants to marry a girl who knows her limits and values. Pushkar proves out that he is an ideal son. Rajshri feels he will be an ideal husband. She is aware of his psychotic behavior. Pushkar goes to meet Vidhi and her family, while Maasa creates a confusion that Pushkar is coming to meet Bela for the alliance.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna returns home on Janmashtami. Her entry brings little happiness in Radhe’s heart. Radhe recalls their clashes and the moment when he did Krishna’s Shraddh. He stays away from her. Krishna goes to confront Shukla. She reveals how she has learnt all of his drama. She scolds him for being the enemy of his son’s happiness and being so unfair towards her. Shukla admits that he has done everything to fulfill his enmity. Shukla tells her that Radhe will just hate her. Krishna challenges him and tells him that she shall win Radhe back and prove him wrong. She asks Shukla to do anything he can. She believes in Radhe’s goodness.

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