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Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

Ishita doesn’t realize that there may be another side of Rajat’s kindness. Rajat tells Ishita that he is ready to help Raman any way possible. He acts guilty that he couldn’t help Raman recover completely. He sends a physiotherapist for Raman’s recovery. He hides a big truth from Ishita. He doesn’t want Bhallas to learn the truth about Raman’s surgery. Ishita starts believing that Rajat is a gem at heart, and its hard to find such food doctors in such times. Rajat comes up with evil intentions.

Savitri Devi: Sanchi knows that Priya has killed Naintara. She fails to explain it to Veer. She doesn’t know how to tell the family about Naintara’s dangerous motives. The family doesn’t believe her and is relieved that Anand is getting fine. Sanchi wants to prove that Naintara is behind Priya’s murder. Veer assumes Priya has attempted suicide and cries for his sister’s loss. Naintara plans the next attack on Gayatri, who is hiding a big secret from the family. Naintara shows her evil avatar and attacks Gayatri with a motive to kill her. She dumps unconscious Naintara in a cold freezer.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz and Omkar realize that Mariam’s friends have gone missing. Omkar worries for his son Lallu. He takes help from police. They figure out that the kids are not kidnapped, but intentionally went with someone with a motive. Majaaz concludes that the kids are mistaken and might have tried to reach Mariam. The kids fall in grave danger when the goons catch them and threaten to kill them. The kids beg for their lives, while Majaaz gets the police to their rescue. Mariam misses her friends a lot and wishes to meet them. She shares her friendship tales with Jibraan. He also becomes her new friend and saves her from Aayat’s tortures by faking anger on her.

Shivay and Anika both get convinced that Mohit is an extraordinary magician. They can’t stop praising Mohit aka Taj Magician. Mohit leaves his magic show on knowing about his wife Nancy’s sickness. Anika gets praising about Mohit’s true love. Shivay also feels proud of Mohit by hearing all the good things about him. Anika’s expectations about a happy marriage and an ideal life partner get witnessed by Shivay. He wants to give her all the happiness, but has a fear to fall in love. He clears out to her that its tough for him to fill in love in their marriage. Shivay and Anika bet on Mohit’s magical skills and hope that their love also turns magical like of Mohit and Nancy.


Gumaan stoops to next low level by eyeing his brother’s wife badly. His wife turns helpless and feels like a slave, who has to obey him under any circumstance. Chakor falls in Imli’s words and believes her. She comes across Anjor’s Bandhua sign on her wrist. She learns that Anjor is Gumaan’s Bandhua. She understands that Gumaan has sent Anjor to steal the spy pen. She asks Anjor to take the spy pen to Gumaan and also convey her message that nothing can stop her from exposing his truth. She asks Anjor to pass on her challenge to Gumaan.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni realizes that their new enemy is actually a woman. She expected P Sehgal to be some man, but it turns out to be Piyali Sehgal, a woman. The woman with vicious intentions, Piyali shocks Falguni with her dirty demands. She shows the video of Suyash’s innocence and tells Falguni that Suyash can get freed of all the fake charges if Falguni accepts her demands. She keeps a shocking condition and asks Falguni to hand over her husband Suyash to her. Falguni can’t believe Piyali’s low level.

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