TR’s Reminders: Ishqbaaz, YHM and more

Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

Simmi and Romi try to become Raman’s support. Ishita also lends support to Raman emotionally, but Raman’s siblings promise him to look after the house and business. Simmi promises that she will become as good as before and assist Ishita in work, while Romi will look after the business along with Ruhi and Aaliya. Simmi asks Raman to bless her that she walks on the right path and help her family. She pities Raman’s state and feels guilty. Raman commits a mistake and worries for his business. He tells Ishita that his mind isn’t working because of his paralytic plight. He gets frustrated and knows that even his family will take him as a burden in a few days. Ishita dismisses his thinking and asks him to have faith in the family. She tells him that he shouldn’t feel disabled, since he has everyone with him.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti and Uday help Aparna in winning Ahaan’s case. Pankti gathers evidence against Rangoli, so that Aparna can present the evidence in the court and prove Ahaan innocent. Pankti challenges to expose Rangoli. Aparna shows the video footage to the judge, which Rangoli and her lawyer deny. Pankti then calls a witness in the court, who has seen Rangoli with Ahaan that day. Rangoli identifies the witness and gets worried. Pankti tries to prove Rangoli’s obsession for Ahaan.


Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya gets troubled because of Jai. She doesn’t get any help from Mahira, who has earlier promised to give her advance payment. Aadhya fails to save her house. Diya puts their situational video on social media to seek some help from friends out there. Jai also gets to see the video and realizes his mistake. He didn’t wish Aadhya to lose her home and get on roads. He pities her and doesn’t want her family to be troubled. His friend gets angry on him for taking revenge on Aadhya. Aadhya tries to stop the goons from throwing their stuff out, but she gets much hurt in the process.


Nancy goes closer to Shivay and tries to attract him, while Anika is away with Gauri. Nancy has plotted Gauri’s accident to send Anika away from Shivay. Nancy tries to charm Shivay, while he resists her and asks her to leave from her room. She puts him in trouble and threatens about Anika.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla gets threatened by Krishna, since she has the video evidence in his phone. He tries to keep Krishna engaged so that he can get her phone and erase the evidence. Shukla hires some goons to attack on Krishna and take her phone away. Shukla instructs them to execute the plan and sends Krishna out of the house cleverly. Krishna falls in trouble when she gets attacked by the goons.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Ira decides to go to US. Ira tells Ganga Mausi that if Akhilesh really loved her, he would have done something to stop her from leaving for US, he doesn’t care for her and hence didn’t come up to meet her even once. Ira feels Akhilesh’s love isn’t true. She gets disheartened. Akhilesh doesn’t reveal that he is with her all the time in disguise of Ganga Mausi. He wishes Ira stops on her own. Bhoomi and Bhavik try to unite Akhilesh and Ira. Bhoomi tries to convince Pushpa to accept Ira, while Bhavik makes Ira witness Akhilesh’s true love. He tells Ira that Akhilesh has proved his love again and again, and even now he is away from her just to be with her with other identity. Bhavik tells Ira that Akhilesh has been protecting her and family by staying with them as Ganga Mausi. Ira gets touched knowing Akhilesh’s sacrifices. Pushpa decides to accept Ira, but Devina plans otherwise.

Perfect Pati:
Pushkar likes Vidhita on their first meeting. Vidhita likes his helpful nature, and doesn’t know his madness to limit women and keep them caged on the name of traditions. Pushkar tells Vidhita that he isn’t thinking of harming her and asks her to trust him. He offers to drop her home. When they reach home, Maasa gets surprised that destiny brought Pushkar and Vidhita together even when she tried hard to fix up Bela’s alliance with Pushkar. Rajshri talks about Pushkar and Vidhita’s alliance to family, and introduces her son to Vidhita, which surprises her.

Suraj finally returns to Aazaadgunj. Destiny brings him face to face to Anjor, who forms a link between Chakor and him. Anjor brings them together in unexpected circumstances. Anjor wins heart of both Suraj and Chakor. Chakor recollects the insult and loss of trust she faces after Saanvi’s death. Suraj doesn’t speak to her and maintains his prolonged silence, which hurts Chakor further. Chakor gets a sign and applies sindoor unknowingly after many years. She gets happy and upset on meeting Suraj. Anjor questions Chakor about her relationship with Suraj.

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