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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers… Ishq SubhanAllah:
Miraj threatens Zara that he will crush Kabeer like an ant. He kidnaps Kabeer and gets him to his hideout. Kabeer gets tied up and tortured by goons. Miraj brings Zara there. Kabeer realizes that Miraj has faked Zara’s death. He feels happy to see Zara alive. Kabeer and Zara have an emotional meet. Miraj cages Zara and asks her to watch Kabeer getting thrashed. Zara cries for Kabeer and begs Miraj to leave him. Miraj puts Kabeer in the cage too. Kabeer and Zara hug and cry. Miraj wants to separate them. They want to escape from Miraj’s clutches.

Aditya falls in new problem. He has proposed Zoya, but she rejects his life. She decides to marry Arshad. Wasim gets happy with her decision, as he has chosen Arshad for her. Aditya doesn’t want Zoya to make any mistake by getting into a wrong decision. He is ready to do anything to change her decision. He doesn’t understand why Zoya is distancing herself and ending their friendship. Aditya gets disturbed by Zoya and Arshad’s news. Zoya feels bad knowing about Aditya’s lie to win her love. Zoya and Arshad’s engagement preparations begin. Aditya will bring twists in the engagement ceremony.


Sunny kidnaps Meera. Meera hits him and runs away. Vivaan senses the danger, when he gets her broken bangles. Meera wants to save her life from Sunny. Meera finds a PCO and tries to call Vivaan. Vivaan looks for Meera and asks people about the girl in bridal clothes. Vivaan misses her call. There are hits and misses between Vivaan and Meera. They reach the same place, but don’t meet. Sunny wants their separation, as this will shatter Vivaan. Vivaan, Sunny and Meera reach the cliff after much chase out. Vivaan and Meera get at the edge of the cliff, while Sunny attempts to kill Vivaan. Sunny and Vivaan have a fight. Sunny falls down the cliff. Meera and Vivaan think Sunny has died. Vivaan feels guilty of Sunny’s death. He doesn’t know that Sunny jumped down with purpose and got saved.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Manish and Naitik look for their children, and ask the other family members to find Kartik and Naira. Kartik asks Naira if she can forgive her. He makes an apology to her from the bottom of the heart. The temple area catches fire. Kartik and Naira get a big shock by seeing the fire spread out. Naira gets scared. Kartik risks his life to protect Naira. The family gets worried after the fire incident and looks for Kartik and Naira desperately. They doesn’t expect them to be together and united. Kartik and Naira will be getting back to each other with repentance over their divorce.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika learns about the terrorist attack at Ved’s school. Vedika knows about Sahil and her daughter. Deepak tells the truth to Vedika out of fear. Vedika is confused. She has to save Sadika and Ved, along with all the children. She doesn’t tell the truth to Sahil. Deepak is selfish and did everything for his greed. She wonders why did Deepak come to save the children. The children sit crying and wish someone saves them. Sahil and Vedika make the plan to feed the drugged tea to the terrorists. Vedika gets the tea. Deepak helps her out. Vedika falls in trouble. Sahil worries for her life, since he still loves her. Sahil saves Vedika and their children. Deepak, Sahil and Vedika will fight with the terrorists and save the children.

Savitri Devi:

Sanchi tells Naintara that she will end the evil game, she will face the spirit’s evil power and save the family. Naintara threatens Sanchi. She tells that Sanchi can become her aide, instead becoming a shield for Malhotra family. She says your are trying to save them, but you shouldn’t come in my way, I have no enmity with you, and you should better let me fulfill my revenge. She dislikes Sanchi coming in her way and creating hurdle. She doesn’t want to harm Sanchi. She says this is my revenge, I m warning you for the last time, get away from my motives. Sanchi tells Naintara that she will not let anything happen to her family, she can risk life to save them.

Perfect Pati:
Rajshri invites Vidhita home. She gets happy and does preparations to welcome Vidhita. She finds Vidhita a perfect life partner for Pushkar. She wants Pushkar and Vidhita to know each other well, and give their nod for marriage. Pushkar falls in love at first sight with Vidhita. He gets confused about her character and values. He wants to marry her only if he gets assured that she doesn’t have any relationship with Rangeela. Rajshri tells him that Vidhita is a gem, and they will know her value soon. Pushkar wants Rajshri’s happiness and agrees for the marriage.


Mauli has dreams of having a family. Kunal gets drawn to Nandini. They decide to have a secret relationship. Mauli has given a shelter to her helpless friend Nandini, who has snatched her husband. Mauli will soon know that Nandini has back-stabbed her by ruining her trust. Mauli will see Kunal and Nandini’s love moment and learn about their affair. Nandini celebrates happiness in the form of Kunal’s love. Nandini faces Mauli when the affair news leaks.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Kiara come close and feel their unknown connection. They share a sweet moment. He finds Kiara very much like him and Pragya. Abhi learns that Pragya has a daughter, and that’s Kiara. Kiara sends Pragya and her picture to Abhi to ask him who looks more pretty. Abhi gets moved by this truth. He understands why he was finding Kiara similar to Pragya all the time. Pragya wants to hide Abhi and Kiara’s relation. She doesn’t want Abhi to take away her daughter. She doesn’t know which relation to keep.


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