Papa By Chance: Yuvaan to find a mentor in Bela

Papa By Chance: Amrit attempts to end Yuvaan's annoyance

Bela makes Yuvaan meet Amrit. She is always cheerful. She ends Yuvaan and Amrit’s problems. She asks Yuvaan to live with them. Yuvaan tells her that he is much sorrowful with his mum’s marriage with Harman. He shares his difficulties of life. Yuvaan was never serious in life, but now he feels painful. He tells her that Harman is fooling Sucharita in his sugary words and made her blind. He is sure that his mum will know the truth some day. He tells her that he didn’t file the property case for money, but only for his mum’s sake, he can’t let his mum’s life get ruined, even when dad is dead now. He tells the reason behind the court case. He says my parents are important to me than money, my mum is close to my heart, she has gone against me and married that fraud Harman.

Bela asks him to inform his mum that he is living with them. She becomes his mentor. Yuvaan tells her that his mum always sends spies after him, she would know everything. He tells Bela that he worries for his mum a lot, even when they aren’t on talking terms, when he gets money and property back, he will kick out Batra from his mum’s life.

She cheers up Yuvaan and tells him that few things didn’t change in their lives. Yuvaan laughs finding such sweet things. Bela shows him the old lanes and revives his memories. Yuvaan gets lost in his parents’ memories and childhood. Amrit has a problem with Yuvaan. Bela wishes they both fall in love and get married. Bela wants Amrit to marry Yuvaan. Baldev’s sister/Amrit’s Bua Mohini will be helping Yuvaan oppose Harman and prove his crimes to Sucharita.


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