Jiji Maa: Falguni to welcome Piyali in Rawat family

Jiji Maa: Obsessed Karma to kidnap Piyali

Jiji Maa: Falguni to welcome Piyali in Rawat family.. Piyali turns out to be Falguni’s twin sister. Piyali gets crazy and walks on the glass pieces, while guessing if Falguni will come to meet her. She gets happy when Falguni comes to meet her and accepts her as sister. Piyali gets drunk. She gets insulting Falguni. She vents out her anger on Falguni. She wants revenge. She is ready to snatch everything from Falguni. She troubles Suyash and his family. She wants to snatch Rawat mansion. Falguni feels guilty seeing Piyali troubling her family. She apologizes to Piyali and takes her home, promising to give her much love, which she was deprived of. She doesn’t know that Piyali has evil intentions. She takes Piyali to Rawat mansion with a hope to reform her and end her hatred.

Falguni and Niyati do grand arrangements to welcome Piyali. Piyali gets emotional seeing their sisterly love. She also turns jealous when she finds Falguni loving Niyati so much. Niyati gets angry on Piyali.


She scolds Piyali for troubling Falguni so much. She defines how a sister should be, caring, loving and protective. She questions Piyali on her behavior. Niyati defends Falguni, when Piyali blames Falguni for her miseries. Niyati loves and respects Falguni as her mother. She wants Piyali to stop crying for the past and accept Falguni as a sister, rather than an enemy. Niyati becomes Falguni’s strength, when Piyali troubles them. Piyali falls for Suyash and wants him at any cost.

Suyash praises Falguni for always supporting him. Falguni tells Suyash that she has forgot to tell him about Ganpati function at Singh house. He tells her that he has much work lined up, he is too busy. He then changes his mind and tells her that he will not miss any chance to go out with her. He feels she is a really good wife, who understands him and doesn’t complain ever. He asks her to scold him sometimes, to show her rights on him. She tells him that he is so sweet that she doesn’t want to scold him. She gives him traditional clothes for the function. On the other hand, Piyali gets planning evil games against Falguni. She wants Suyash and Falguni’s terms to spoil.


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