Ishqbaaz: Nancy to bluff Shivay in the masquerade party

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to bluff Shivay in the masquerade party

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to bluff Shivay in the masquerade party… Shivay asks his brothers to be sure that the guests aren’t upset. He doesn’t want Rudra to do any mischief again. Rudra finds Bhavya in the party and asks her if she has attained any high rank that she has entered his house. Bhavya and Rudra hit jokes at each other. Shivay tries to solve their fight. Shivay welcomes Bhavya and thanks her for coming. He tells Anika that Bhavya has helped him in finding her and getting Daksh arrested. Anika gets grateful to Bhavya. Bhavya feels some bond with them. Shivay asks Rudra to forget the old annoyances. He introduces Bhavya to his family. Rudra feels like he is not related to Shivay. He cries that Shivay made him feel like an outsider. He complains to Omkara and gets scolded instead.

Omkara gets mesmerized seeing Gauri. She expects him to compliment her. He finds her looking different. She tells him that she can scold him for not giving her any compliment, but since he is sweet, she will spare him. Omkara likes Gauri’s bold attitude. Anika tells him that Gauri is really sweet. Omkara sounds strange. Anika feels Shivay is the most strange person. Shivay welcomes Mohit and Nancy and honors them in the party. He tells the guests that Mohit is very close to his heart and will always be. Mohit makes an amazing entry in the party, and surprises everyone by his magical stunts.

Mohit entertains everyone, while Nancy has other plans. Anika gets plenty of his amazing tricks and gets satisfied. Mohit introduces his wife. Anika turns upset seeing Nancy wearing the gown brought by Shivay. She wonders if Shivay got the gown for Nancy. She gets too disappointed seeing Nancy with Shivay. Nancy performs in the party. Mohit expects her not to do anything wrong.

The musical party goes on. Nancy tries to charm Shivay again. Shivay distances himself. Nancy thanks him for being a friend and forgiving her. Omkara and Rudra try to know why did Shivay gift the gown to Nancy. Nancy turns Anika jealous by revealing Shivay’s gift. Nancy asks Anika if Shivay didn’t share about the gift. She fills Anika’s ears against Shivay. Anika falls in her words. She gets heartbroken. Shivay and Anika perform, along with other couples. Nancy finds ways to get close to Shivay.

Anika breaks into tears. She feels sorry to have expectations from Shivay. She meets Shivay and tells him that she was mad to have hope from him. She questions him about struggling in their relationship. She apologizes to Shivay and admits that she is feeling bad to know that he has gifted a dress to Nancy. Shivay hears her out and understands that she is deeply upset. He tells Anika that he hasn’t gifted any dress to Nancy. He tries to clear Anika’s misunderstanding.


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