High Points in Ishq SubhanAllah and Aapke Aa Jane Se

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to oppose family for Zara's sake

Ishq SubhanAllah: A new chapter begins in Kabeer and Zara’s lives. They confess love for each other. They had been tortured by Miraj a lot. They want to get over the bad memories. They want to replace the bad memories with good ones. Kabeer wants to wipe out the bad phase from Zara’s mind. He proposes Zara again. They decide to get remarried, while Ruksar plans a return in the family. Kabeer and Zara are very much in love and together happily. The families celebrate the pre-marriage functions. Zara’s dad wants them to have a Nikaah once again. Haldi and mehendi ceremonies will be seen. Kabeer and Zara spend some romantic time. Kabeer sings a romantic song for Zara. They have a cute fight as well. Imran and Reema pull their leg. Kabeer and Zara get a good surprise by Imran and Reema’s efforts. Imran shows them the photo collage. He asks Kabeer about the surprise. Kabeer thanks him. Zeenat wants to create a huge drama in the marriage function. Ruksar will be returning to bring a twist in Kabeer and Zara’s marriage.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika begins finding her child. She wants to battle for her motherhood. Deepak worries on seeing her. Vedika gets happy to know that her child is alive. She thanks Bhoomi for giving a big sacrifice and marrying Sahil, knowing he doesn’t love her. Bhoomi has been giving love to Vedika’s child. Vedika feels incomplete without her child. Badi Amma gets exposed. Sahil makes Badi Amma out of his life. Vedika visits the hospital and takes doctor’s help to check few old records. She wants to find her child any way. She gets an important clue. Vedika will soon learn about Ved’s truth. Arya finds Vedika breaking down and lends her support. Vedika gets a relief that Arya and her terms are getting better. She apologizes to Arya for not being dutiful towards her in past few years. Vedika wants to end Arya’s annoyance.


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