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Tonight On Star Plus.. Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to secretly search for Kulfi’s father… Sikandar and Kulfi meet and have an emotional moment. Kulfi shows her belief and respect for Sikandar. Tevar sees them and cries wishing that he also creates a bond with Kulfi this way. Kulfi thanks Tevar for his wonderful surprise. She asks Tevar and Sikandar to become friends. She doesn’t want them to fight. She tells them that their fights hurt her. They both decide to become friends for Kulfi’s sake. Amyra gets angry realizing Sikandar is not at home. She tells Lovely that Sikandar has gone to meet Kulfi. Lovely fears the same and stops Amyra from going to Kulfi. Kulfi gets happiness when Sikandar and Tevar get together. Kulfi asks Sikandar to meet her some times. Sikandar tells her that they will get Ganpati in the society, they can meet him and family in the pandal. Kulfi likes his idea so that Amyra’s heart doesn’t break.

YRKKH: KaiRa caught romancing; Families to clash again… Everyone blesses Kirti and sings for her happiness. Kartik and Naira dream of expressing their union decision to the families, and getting a positive response. They also melt Suwarna’s heart in their dream. They wish their dream turns true. Naira asks Kartik to have hope, they will soon unite. Kartik and Naira dance out their emotions with the families. Naksh and Kirti celebrate their new happiness. She wishes that the baby unites both the families. She doesn’t want any tension in the relations. Naksh asks her not to have big hopes, that breaks her happiness. He tells her that they should just focus on their child. Kirti wants to be positive about Kartik and Naira’s union. Naira asks Kartik to come along, so that they can tell everyone. He tells her that they will tell everyone only after the puja. He stops her from going away and tells her that he wanted to compliment her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa’s new share of sorrow and troubles… Raman tells the media that Rajat isn’t any kind hearted doctor, but a scheming man, who knows to cover up his mistakes by using his contacts. He tells about Rajat’s alcohol addiction. He reveals that Rajat is taking therapy sessions to deal with his addiction. Rajat admits that he is undergoing a therapy, but he is fit to perform surgeries. He tells the media that he is committed to his job, he didn’t do any error in any surgery. Rajat gets a clean chit. The media sympathizes with him. Simmi loses her cool and scolds Rajat. She throws Rajat out of the house. Rajat proves that he is a righteous person. Raman and Ishita face trouble. They fail to prove anything against Rajat. Ishita wants to fight for justice. Raman gets depressed.

Krishna Chali London: Radhe turns clever to protect his love story… Lali gets upset that she isn’t going to Mumbai. Krishna tells her that Radhe is still trying to plan her trip. Bela doesn’t want Radhe and Krishna to go on honeymoon. Saajan asks Bela not to intervene in other’s matters. Radhe and Krishna gets permitted to go to Mumbai. Bela gets jealous with their happiness. Krishna asks Radhe why didn’t he talk about Gajanan and Lali. She scolds Radhe. Saajan calls Shukla and tricks him. He lies about the railway work tender and asks him to send his eldest son Gajanan for help. Shukla agrees to send Gajanan. Saajan convinces Shukla. Shukla gets deceived. He asks Gajanan to pack his bags and go with his wife on a work trip. Krishna asks Saajan what is he doing. Radhe explains Saajan’s plan. He tells her that Saajan has done this to send Lali and Gajanan to Mumbai by lying to Shukla.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay’s shocking reaction on a mysterious death.. Mohit and Nancy make sure that they corner Shivay after the masquerade party. Nancy gets spotted with Shivay. Tej witnesses their conversation. Shivay tries to reach Anika and express his feelings. To his shock, he loses out to his enemy’s plan and finds himself struck with a big tragedy. Shivay goes to check for Anika. He sees Nancy’s shameless act once again. He tells he that he will expose her to Mohit. He wants to show her true face to Mohit. Nancy doesn’t deter. She is hell bent to get Shivay. Shivay falls asleep. He gets a huge shock when he wakes up in the morning with a hangover, and finds blood all over his clothes. He finds Nancy murdered, and wonders what happened last night. He gets worried that everyone will blame him for the murder. He doesn’t know who is trying to frame him. He tried hard to recollect the culprit. He sees Anika coming to the room and locks up the door.


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