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High Five Spoilers.. Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to reveal Kiara’s truth to Abhi… Aaliya and Tanu try to keep Abhi and Pragya away so that Kiara’s truth doesn’t come out. Aaliya tells Tanu that Kiara is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter, but Abhi shouldn’t know this. Aaliya doesn’t want Abhi to accept Pragya and Kiara back in their lives. Aaliya and Tanu stop Abhi and Pragya from meeting. Their plan backfires. The peon locks Abhi and Pragya together in the room. Aaliya slaps the peon and scolds him for failing her plans. Abhi tells Pragya that someone has intentionally locked them up. He understands that the peon has done this on someone’s word.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti gets blackmailed by Rangoli. She turns helpless to agree to Rangoli to secure Ahaan’s future. She loves Ahaan a lot and agrees to make a big sacrifice. She loses out to Rangoli. She curses her fate for being so unjust towards her. Pankti makes a plan to create hatred in Ahaan’s heart for her. Ahaan tries to contact her to inform her about their marriage. Pankti shocks him by refusing to marry him.

YRKKH: Naira’s disappearance to shock Kartik… The elders bash up at Kartik and Naira for their silly decision to get remarried again. Kartik and Naira meet away from home and have a romantic moment. Kartik turns naughty and expresses love for Naira. Kartik wants the family to accept his relationship with Naira. They aren’t scared of the families now. Kartik doesn’t let Naira go. Naira teases Kartik and asks him to get dreaming about her. Kartik and Naira decide to get re-married, even if their families don’t support them. She tells him that they won’t let their love lose this time. He tells her that he can’t live without her. He wants to get re-married right away so that there doesn’t happen any mistake.

Chakor makes a plan with Suraj to expose Gumaan and Imli. Suraj acts ignorant of the fact that Chakor is alive. He tells Imli that Chakor is surely acting for some motive and he is suspicious about her. Chakor proves that she isn’t Chakor, but a dancer Sunehri from Lucknow. She provides evidences of her new identity. Police confirms that she isn’t Chakor, Suraj’s wife. Chakor and Suraj succeed to fool Imli. Imli has herself killed Chakor. She doesn’t know how can Chakor come back. Chakor tells them that she isn’t interested in being in their mental family. Imli verifies if she is Chakor and concludes that Chakor is dead. Suraj manages to stop Chakor back in the haveli by a drama. He asks Gumaan and Imli to keep a watch on Sunehri. Chakor gets her baggage and enters the haveli with an aim to expose the evil doers.

Jiji Maa:
Piyali and Uttara become Falguni’s enemies. Uttara takes a disguise and enters the family again. She wants to throw out Falguni from the house and also from everyone’s lives. She plans to kill Falguni. She gets close to Rawat family as their new investor. Piyali introduces Uttara as her mentor. Falguni and Suyash pray that their family stays unharmed now. Falguni worships the Ganpati, while Uttara plans to do Falguni’s Visarjan in the coming days. She promises to ruin Falguni.

Shivay gets trapped in Nancy’s murder case. He isn’t sure that she is Nancy, as her face gets smashed by the murderer. Mohit claims that the dead person is Nancy, who got murdered by Shivay. He gets Shivay arrested for the crime. Shivay maintains the truth that he didn’t kill Nancy. Mohit manipulates the family and tells the police that Shivay was really after Nancy. He asks police to find evidences against Shivay. Anika holds her belief in Shivay. Shivay worries as the evidences and witnesses get against him.

Mariam Khan:

Majaaz gets the blueprint and worries that Mariam is in some danger. He calls up Mariam, just when she goes for the bone marrow operation at the hospital. Majaaz asks Mariam about the greeting card she has sent. She tells him that she has borrowed the paper from Farhaan’s room. Before he could ask more, Farhaan takes away the phone from Mariam. He gets threatening Majaaz about Mariam and asks him to be tightlipped about the blueprint. Majaaz realizes Mariam is stuck in a big mess.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita and Raman fall in deep trouble because of Sudha, who is more negative than Rajat. Sudha hires some goons to trouble Ishra and break their confidence. She doesn’t want anyone to ruin Rajat and the hospital’s name. Rajat learns what Sudha has done for him and gets worried. He feels guilty of his mistakes, and doesn’t want Raman to face more troubles. Sudha tells Rajat that she has handled the matter her way. Rajat promises that he won’t be careless in any of the surgeries from now.


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