Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar throws a huge challenge at Tevar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A shock for Sikandar and Kulfi

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar throws a huge challenge at Tevar… Kulfi gets excited to spend time with Sikandar and celebrate the festive with him. She tells him that Tevar is doing a lot for her. He asks her to show him the new dress Tevar got for her. He tries to get Nimrat’s potli so that he can get the locket from it. Kulfi gets the dresses and asks his choice. He tells her that she will look a fairy in any dress. He feels sorry to steal the locket and lie to Kulfi. He gets a clue when he finds Tevar’s old picture when he wasn’t a superstar. He realizes that Mohendar is saying the truth, Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s father. Sikandar understands that someone else has put Tevar’s picture in the locket. He doubts if Tevar is lying, or if Tevar is also mistaken about Kulfi. He thinks Tevar is a big liar. He doesn’t know that Lovely is the culprit, who is fooling him and Tevar. Sikandar loses his cool. Tevar gets Kulfi to the pandal to get blessings.

Kulfi sings the bhajan and makes Tevar glad. Bebe stops Sikandar from talking to anyone. She takes him for Aarti. Sikandar gets silent during the aarti. Tevar tells Kulfi about Ganpati and his likes for sweets. He feeds the sweets to Kulfi. Amyra gets angry seeing Kulfi getting all the attention. She can’t bear Kulfi getting much love. She asks her friends to help her trouble Kulfi. Cutie asks Lovely to find of some permanent solution, since Mohendar won’t be quiet for long. Tevar and Kulfi do the aarti together and get happy. Sikandar stops Tevar for a talk. Kulfi meets Bebe and gets happy.

Sikandar confronts Tevar for his lie. He wants to open Tevar’s eyes as well. Kulfi learns that Gunjan is injured and is at the hospital. She gets worried for Gunjan. Lovely asks Kulfi not to worry. Sikandar scolds Tevar for his lie. Tevar asks him why did he start all this when they have turned into friends. Sikandar tells him that the truth can’t hide. Kulfi prays for Gunjan’s recovery. She feels connected to Sikandar’s family. She refuses to eat sweets. Bebe feels sorry to cheat Kulfi. Sikandar tells Tevar that Kulfi isn’t his daughter. Tevar asks Sikandar why is he pretending happy, when he can’t see them happy. Sikandar asks him to stop his drama. Tevar tells him that Kulfi is really his daughter, as its all proved now. Sikandar asks him to realize the evidences, which are planted.

Tevar tells him that he didn’t tell him about the evidences, he just knows Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar doubts on Tevar and tells him that this is all a planning. Tevar agrees for the DNA test. He tells Sikandar that Kulfi won’t be happy seeing them fighting. Sikandar doesn’t trust Kulfi. Tevar and Sikandar have a huge fight. Tevar blames him for not caring for Kulfi and using her all the time for Amyra. He counts Sikandar’s unjust deeds towards Kulfi and shames him. Tevar tells him that he has no benefit in raising Kulfi. He asks Sikandar to think of the truth. Kulfi and Amyra participate in the game to win a trophy. They don’t know about Tevar and Sikandar’s fight. Sikandar tells Tevar that he will find the truth till the Visarjan day. He challenges Tevar that he will take Kulfi away from him.


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