Jiji Maa to focus on sisterly bond strength

Jiji Maa: Falguni and Niyati celebrate Raksha Bandhan festive

Piyali tries to make her relation better with Niyati. Piyali removes all the old clothes from Niyati’s wardrobe and gets new ones. Niyati asks Piyali where are her old clothes. Piyali asks her if she didn’t like the surprise. Niyati gets the old clothes back and asks Piyali not to dare dump her clothes. She scolds Piyali and tells her how Falguni has herself designed her clothes. She tells how that every dress has memories and efforts of Falguni. She gets more rude towards Piyali and asks her not to get between Falguni and her. Falguni slaps Niyati her from hurting Piyali’s heart.

She asks Niyati to acknowledge Piyali’s feelings and efforts too. Niyati feels insulted and cries. She realizes its her mistake to misbehave with Piyali and shame Falguni’s good-values and upbringing. She apologizes to Falguni. She doesn’t like Piyali. Falguni asks Niyati to apologize to Piyali. Niyati tells her that she can’t accept Piyali as her sister. Piyali wants Niyati to address her as Jiji Maa. Falguni wants Niyati and Piyali’s bond to get stronger. Niyati tells them that none can take Falguni’s place in her life. Piyali gets jealous seeing their bond.



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