Kaleerein: Meera takes Devi avatar to deal with Sunny’s evil

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Kaleerein: Meera takes Devi avatar to deal with Sunny’s evil… Meera and Vivaan’s sweet moments will be seen. Meera cooks food for Vivaan. Meera daydreams about Vivaan. She thinks to tell Vivaan all the truth. Sunny reaches her and tortures her. Vivaan gets jealous seeing them. He angrily hurts his hand with a knife. Vivaan can’t tolerate Meera’s relation with Sunny. Sunny projects their relationship in a wrong way. Vivaan gets a video on his phone. Vivaan gets a big shock and shows the video to Meera’s family. Sunny tries to separate Meera and Vivaan. Sunny plans the fake video of Meera and his romance. Meera denies the video. She tells Vivaan that she isn’t the girl in the video, Sunny is framing her. Vivaan believes her and beats up Sunny.

Sunny troubles Meera and Vivaan a lot. He tries his best to stop Meera. Sunny tells her that he has fixed a bomb at home, if she wants to save Vivaan’s love, she has to become of him.


Meera scolds him for stooping low. Meera takes a Devi avatar and attacks Sunny to teach him a lesson. She doesn’t want to bear his tortures more. She gets raging. She wants to protect Vivaan and her family. Sunny gets a big shock seeing her angry avatar. He runs to save his life. She tells him that she will kill him in order to save her respect and love. He begs her for life. She asks him to repent for his mistake and remove the bomb from the house. Vivaan gets angry seeing Meera with Sunny. Meera doesn’t want Vivaan to have any misunderstanding in mind.


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