Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar begins unraveling Tevar’s past

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar begins unraveling Tevar's past

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar begins unraveling Tevar’s past… Sikandar promises Tevar that he will find the truth about Kulfi’s father and prove Tevar’s lie. Amyra gets into argument and hurts Kulfi’s heart. Kulfi doesn’t take any stress. She comes home and finds Tevar worried. She asks him to share his problems so that his heart can get light. He asks her not to have any relation with Sikandar and his family. She asks him why is he worried about Sikandar. She doesn’t want Tevar to get upset this way. She promises that nobody can make her away from him. Tevar gets happy. He doesn’t want Sikandar to make them distant. Sikandar rushes home and tells Lovely that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s dad, he will find the truth and bring Kulfi home.

Sikandar tells her that he won’t let Kulfi stay with any fake person. Mohendar warns Lovely and asks her to repent for her mistakes. He tells Lovely that Gunjan is getting discharged from the hospital and coming home. Lovely gets terrified. She doesn’t want Sikandar to know the truth. Tevar gets Modak for Kulfi.

She refuses to have it and tells him that she is fasting like Nimrat used to keep fasts. She asks him why did he forget Nimrat if he loved them so much. Gunjan reacts on seeing Lovely. Sikandar asks her the matter. Mohendar knows what Gunjan wants to say. He calms her down. He tells Sikandar that Gunjan will recover in few weeks. Lovely gets happy to know that Gunjan can’t converse soon.

Kulfi tells Tevar about Nimrat’s life struggles. She scolds him for not patching up with her mother, and leaving them. Tevar apologizes to Kulfi for all his mistakes. He falls in her feet and tells her that he didn’t know about her existence. He knows Lovely has cheated him. He tells her that he is ready to do anything to get her forgiveness. Lovely apologizes to Gunjan. She tells Gunjan that she didn’t wish to hurt her, and it was just an accident. She faces Gunjan’s anger.

Kulfi tells Tevar that she will forgive him if Nimrat forgives him. They have an emotional moment. Tevar apologizes to Nimrat by looking at the stars. Kulfi forgives Tevar. Mohendar asks Lovely to tell Sikandar about Tevar and Minty’s engagement and breakup. Sikandar learns that Tevar has called off his engagement. Lovely gets worried when Sikandar finds about Tevar’s background. Mohendar is sure that Lovely’s lie will be known to everyone soon. He assures to Sikandar that they will find Kulfi’s real father.

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