High drama in Tu Aashiqui and Internet Wala Love

High drama in Tu Aashiqui and Internet Wala Love

Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan rushes to meet Pankti, when she doesn’t come for the puja. He wants to know why is Pankti behaving weird and avoiding him. Ahaan reaches Anita’s house and finds Pankti getting sold to someone. He can’t believe this and reprimands Anita for ruining their lives again. Anita tells Ahaan that this time Pankti has herself given her nod for the deal. Ahaan doesn’t believe her. He asks Pankti to come with him. Pankti refuses to go with Ahaan and breaks his heart by her bitter and rude words. She tells him that since his career is ruined and his business has gone bankrupt, she has decided to leave him. Ahaan gets in a shock. He threatens the person buying Pankti. Pankti chooses to go with her new owner. Ahaan feels sorry for himself and feels Pankti never deserved his pure love. Ahaan and Pankti’s love story ends.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai promises Aadhya that he will make everything fixed. He wants to rectify his mistakes. Aadhya believes him and tells him that this is the final chance from her side, if he fails to keep his word, then she will never believe him. Jai apologizes to her. Aadhya gets mistaken about Jai again, when Samrat creates a misunderstanding between them. Samrat spies on Aadhya and makes sure that Jai’s planning flops. Aadhya feels depressed and takes sleeping pills. She loses senses and creates a scene at the office. Jai learns about Aadhya’s condition and thinks to safely drop her home. Jai takes Aadhya home, and gets misunderstood by Shubhankar again.

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