YRKKH – Suwarna to learn a super-shocking truth

YRKKH: Naira's shocking revelation to stun Suwarna

YRKKH – Suwarna to learn a super-shocking truth.. Akhilesh tells Surekha about the dream project, which is his life. He talks to Manish about it. Manish tells Akhilesh that they can give the project responsibility to Kartik and send him to US, so that he forgets Naira and moves on in life. He assures Akhilesh that Kartik will manage the project any how. Akhilesh gets a big shock by Manish’s decision. He suddenly gets a heart attack. Surekha gets worried for him and calls Manish to help them. The family rushes Akhilesh to the hospital. Devyaani tells Naira that she is taking Kirti to the hospital for check up. Kirti gets sad on finding Naira upset. Kartik learns about Akhilesh’s state and runs to the hospital to meet him. Akhilesh gets treated. He gets stable. The family gets happy knowing this.

Kartik goes to collect his reports. Dadi asks Manish to give good time to Akhilesh to rest. Manish tells Dadi that Akhilesh has worked on the project a lot, he should rest and get fine. He tells her that he wants to send Kartik to US the next day, so that Kartik gets away from Naira.

Naira accompanies Kirti to the hospital and gets to see Manish. She learns Manish’s planning to send Kartik off to US. She meets Kartik and asks her about the family’s presence in the hospital. Kartik tells her about Akhilesh’s attack. She tells him about Manish and Dadi’s plan to send him to US for few months, so that their relation gets resolved from mind and heart. She tells him that she can’t live without him. He tells her that he won’t go to US. She tells him that she is ready to marry him. Kartik pacifies Naira. They decide to get married before the families parts them away. They make prayers so that they find some way to convince the families. They happen to meet a doctor, who has treated Shubham. Kartik learns that Naira has got Shubham to the hospital for his drug addiction.

Kartik realizes his mistakes further. Doctor tells Kartik that Shubham wasn’t willing to get treated, but Naira worked hard after him. Doctor tells them that Naira had struggled a lot to convince Shubham to reveal about his addiction to family. Kartik asks the doctor to help him, and state the same facts to Suwarna.

Naira tells Kirti that she has realized her mistakes and now she is paying for it. She apologizes to Kirti for hurting everyone. She doesn’t want to stay disconnected with Kartik. Kartik meets Suwarna and tells her that he has got an evidence of Naira’s innocence.

He shows how Naira has struggled to save Shubham’s life and get over the addiction. Kartik reveals to Suwarna that it was Shubham’s decision to hide about his drug addiction from the family. He produces doctor’s statement in Naira’s favor. He asks Suwarna to forgive Naira once and mend relations. He makes a request to Suwarna. He asks Suwarna to let them unite with her blessings. He pleads Suwarna to accept Naira. Kartik makes Suwarna and Naira converse. Naira apologizes to Suwarna and begs her to forgive her once. Naira tells Suwarna that she really wants her help. Kartik tells Suwarna that he wants to re-marry Naira and spend the rest of his life with her. He asks Suwarna to do justice with them.

Suwarna gets numb in shock. She breaks down into tears. Suwarna tells Kartik that her happiness lies in his happiness, and if this is his decision, then she will support him. Kartik and Naira get happy to know that Suwarna has agreed to support them. They get happy that their dream of reunion will turn true. Suwarna doesn’t forget Shubham’s death. She still feels Naira has done wrong, since she didn’t tell them about Shubham’s critical condition. Kartik and Naira feel on cloud nine and plan to marry. They get preparing for their marriage.

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