Krishna Chali London: Radhe prepares to surprise Krishna

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Krishna Chali London: Radhe prepares to surprise Krishna… The goon realizes that his costly drugs have slipped in Krishna’s purse by mistake. He wants to find Krishna to get the drugs back. Everyone runs to find some shade when it suddenly rains. Krishna enjoys the rains and dances. Radhe gets happiness seeing her smiling from heart. Radhe and Krishna have a romantic dance in the rain. They go home. The goon misses to catch Krishna and gets raging. Radhe gets smitten by Krishna’s beauty. He gets lost in dreams. He compliments Krishna. The goon follows them and reaches the hotel. Radhe’s innocent talk makes Krishna smile. Radhe expects some romance in his life, since they are on their honeymoon trip. Krishna asks him not to dream much.

Radhe wishes Krishna acknowledges his love. Radhe calls up Saajan to know about Prashant. He gets tensed that Prashant will reach Krishna. Saajan assures that he won’t let Prashant reach them.

He asks Radhe not to worry for Prashant. Radhe tells Saajan that he isn’t enjoying his honeymoon. Saajan pities his fate. Gajanan and Lali spend some good time together. Lali gifts him the ipad, which she has bought by her savings. She surprises Gajanan. He gets happy with her efforts. Radhe finds a gift in his bag. He plans to give it to Krishna. Gajanan asks Lali if she has bought the ipad, when she had no information about it. Lali tells him that Krishna has helped him buy it. Gajanan feels guilty of hurting her so much in the past. He feels responsible for her tears and falls in his own sight. Radhe adores Krishna. He wants Krishna to wear the chain he bought with love for her. Krishna gets scared seeing the goon at window. Radhe calms her down. The goon follows her to snatch her purse for the drugs packet.


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