Jiji Maa: Piyali to rescue Falguni’s life

Jiji Maa: Obsessed Karma to kidnap Piyali

Uttara is living in family with a new identity. She troubles Falguni. Piyali threatens Falguni about the family. She asks Falguni to give up her life if she wants to save her family. Uttara and Piyali want to ruin Falguni’s life. Falguni gives up her life and jumps down the terrace. Piyali wants Niyati to accept her as Jiji Maa. Falguni makes the sacrifice just for Piyali. Piyali gets shocked and holds Falguni’s hand. She tells Piyali that she will get out of the way and then Niyati will accept her as elder sister. Piyali can’t believe Falguni’s move. Falguni tells her that if Piyali saves her life, Niyati will regard her as Lord and love her from heart. She tells Piyali that Niyati regards her family, this is the only opportunity to win Niyati’s heart. She asks Piyali to decide what she wants to do.

Piyali pulls Falguni up and saves her life. Niyati and family witness this, and hug Falguni. Niyati hugs Piyali and accepts her as sister. She apologizes to Piyali for her rudeness and mistakes. She says I have misunderstood you, I thought you hate Falguni, you saved her life and ended all the bitterness, I will accept you as my sister from heart, forgive me once.


Piyali forgives Niyati happily and hugs her. Falguni succeeds to bring Niyati and Piyali together. Falguni completes the task given by Piyali. She asks her not to spoil Vidhaan’s deal and spare the family. Falguni wants Piyali to change her heart towards everyone. She thinks her selfless love will end Piyali’s hatred. Jayant is hopeful that Falguni’s love will conquer over Piyali’s hatred. He praises Falguni for making a big sacrifice to change Piyali. Piyali doesn’t change. She is supporting Uttara. She doesn’t forget her revengeful intentions. Piyali now wants to make Niyati against Falguni. She will be playing tricks to separate Falguni from family.

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