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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

YRKKH: Kartik gets shattered with Naira’s rejection. Manish and Suwarna can’t see his heartbreak. Naira feels sorry to cheat Kartik’s love. She shares her helplessness with Suwarna. She asks Suwarna to help her deal with Kartik’s sorrow. She asks Suwarna to shoulder Kartik. She wants to break Kartik’s heart to the limit that he hates her and gets willing to forget her. Suwarna supports Naira in separating Kartik and Naira forever. Naitik doesn’t want Naira to get all the blames again. He lends support to his princess and asks her to share her problems with him. Naira fails to reveal her truth to Naitik and family.

Ronak finds Muskaan different from other girls. He gets interested to meet her again. He thinks she is much strong and bold, unlike other girls. He tries to get information about her. He learns that her name is Muskaan, and gets positive. Ronak tries to befriend Muskaan. He doesn’t know that Muskaan is raised up in a brothel, and is a dancer.


Vatsala learns Gumaan and Imli’s planning. She insults them and spits on Imli’s face. Imli rages and commands her crime partner Gumaan to ruin Vatsala’s respect. Chakor finds Gumaan molesting Vatsala. She takes a step to protect Vatsala. She learns the crimes of Gumaan and his brothers. She wants to punish Gumaan. She can’t tolerate any woman’s humiliation. She tells him that she had to come to kill his evil. She insults him. Chakor beats Gumaan and tells him that she will not leave him today. She wants to kill him. She empowers the other women as well. Vatsala gains inspiration and courage from Gumaan. She also gets strong and beats him. Suraj and Chakor realize how Imli and Gumaan are spreading terror, and put an end to their evil.

Tu Aashiqui: Randhir turns into new villain in Ahankti’s love tale… Randhir controls Pankti and turns her into a puppet. He asks Pankti to just obey him, being his mistress. Pankti would have not tolerated his nonsense, but follows his orders just to anger Ahaan. She wants Ahaan to hate her and move on. She feels bad to hurt Ahaan and his family. Randhir starts living in Dhanrajgir house. He allows Ahaan and his family to live with them. He pities them and doesn’t throw them out of the house on Pankti’s saying. Pankti can’t see Ahaan and his family on the road. Randhir gives a makeover to Pankti. They appear happy in love. Ahaan becomes upset on seeing their romance.

Kumkum Bhagya:
King gets emotional on hearing the lecture on true love from Abhi. He tells Pragya about learning new things about love, sacrifice, relationships and loneliness. She asks him who has explained him love with so much depth. He tells her that Abhi is the one, who told him about his love. He says Abhi said one should get annoyed or fight with his lover over any problem, but not make the mistake of accusing the lover, else the lover goes away forever. He tells Pragya that Abhi told this to him in drunken state, that Abhi accused his lover, and lost her forever. Pragya feels bad knowing about Abhi’s pain.

Savitri Devi:
Naintara tricks Veer and Anand. She takes tantric’s disguise and misleads Anand. She gives him a knife, asking him to kill Veer in order to get rid of Naintara. Anand can’t even imagine harming Veer. He thinks the knife is fake and he just has to trick Naintara. He goes to attack Veer. Veer gets prepared to face Anand’s attack. They both mock the fight to fool Naintara. Sanchi sees them fighting and tries to stop them. Naintara creates complications for them. Sanchi crosses all hurdles and manages to save Veer. Anand apologizes to Veer, as he didn’t know about the real harm involved. Sanchi wants Naintara’s evil to lose. Naintara gets more raging and powerful.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer meets Ruksar in the jail. She gets delighted to meet him. He promises to free her. She tells him that she was sure that he will come to meet her. She shows her faith in him and asks him to take her out of the jail. Kabeer asks her to first answer his questions, since he has to know few things before starting proceedings to free her from the jail. He asks her if she has really killed Hamdam. He tells her that he knows that she can’t commit a murder, and wants to hear the same truth from her.

Internet Wala Love:
Samrat tries to get into good books of Aadhya and her parents. He gives them hints that he is interested in marrying Aadhya. He gets angry when her parents don’t understand his signs and take him light. Samrat thinks of speaking to them directly. He expresses his wish to marry Aadhya, in front of her parents. He asks Shubhankar to accept his marriage proposal for Aadhya if he finds him suitable. Aadhya gets a huge shock on knowing about Samrat’s proposal. She doesn’t want to get married and settle down.

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