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TR’s Quick Reads… Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep and Aarohi get happy in their dream world, where they welcome their child. They become a happy family. In reality, Deep learns about Aarohi’s pregnancy. He gets eager to talk to her. He finds Aarohi hurt and goes to care for her. Deep tries to end their misunderstandings. Deep and Aarohi come close after forgetting their differences. Tara gets insecure about Deep and Aarohi. She doesn’t want Deep to accept Aarohi and their child. Tara plans to harm Aarohi’s baby. She doesn’t want Deep to go away from her. She has learnt that Anjali is Aarohi. She is afraid that Deep will leave her and settle down with Aarohi.

Savitri Devi:
Gayatri reveals her true intentions behind kidnapping Kabir. She has made Kabir sign on the POA papers. Gayatri turns into the hospital owner. Anand can’t believe Gayatri’s deceive. Kabir exposes Gayatri’s evil to everyone. He tells them how Gayatri had kidnapped him and kept him in a drugged state. Kabir realizes Riya’s efforts to save his life. He gets grateful to her for going against her mother for his sake. Veer gets married to Sanchi, while Riya gets married to Kabir. Veer and Sanchi try to overcome their life’s hurdles posed by Naintara. Some goons tease Sanchi. Veer turns into action mode and beats the goons. He doesn’t tolerate any eve-teasing.

Meera and Vivaan get injured after the bomb blast. They are rushed to the hospital by Meera’s family. Sunny escapes from the godown on time and gets saved. Meera loses her sight. She becomes temporary blind. Vivaan gets treated by the doctor. Sunny takes a disguise and reaches the hospital. He tries to kill Vivaan. He removes Vivaan’s oxygen mask to take revenge. Meera reaches there on time and saves Vivaan. Sunny tries to kill Meera too, but she shouts to doctor and calls everyone. Sunny makes a leave on seeing her family. Meera gets a big shock when she learns that she can’t see. She worriedly asks doctor to treat her. She tells Vivaan that she can’t see him. Vivaan and Meera’s family get extremely worried for her. Doctor tells them about Meera’s nerve damage and temporary blindness, which can get cured over time.

Shivay’s unique way to find the culprit gets interesting. He brings a smile on everyone’s face by his entertaining talk and gestures. Shivay cooks food for his family and keeps his identity hidden, so that Mohit doesn’t catch him. He doesn’t want police to get any information about his stay in Oberoi mansion. The family finds the food very similar to Shivay’s dishes, and suspects on Shivay.

Silsila: Divorce twist to strike both the couples… Mauli decides to take divorce from Kunal and end their relation. She wants to free Kunal from the unwanted relation. She realizes that Nandini has taken her place, and now Kunal will not come back. She fights for herself and applies for divorce. Mauli has taken the big decision to change their lives. She meets her lawyer. She calls Kunal at the lawyer’s place. She tells her decision that she wants to divorce him. She thinks Kunal and Nandini still love each other, even when they are living away. She has seen Nandini’s madness and love for Kunal. She finds Kunal restless and unhappy without Nandini. She makes a big sacrifice and want to get away from their lives. Mauli and Kunal have to spend a month time to take the mutual divorce legally.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan wants to end her friendship with Akshat. He wants their friendship to turn into a bond, and proposes Guddan. Guddan and Akshat’s Sangeet Ceremony brings happiness. Everyone gives musical performances to welcome Guddan. Guddan also dances with her bahus and Akshat. Akshat is marrying Guddan, but knows that she isn’t willing to marry him. They both are helpless to marry. They try to stay happy for the sake of their families. Guddan and her would be bahus make planning to stop the marriage. Guddan wants to appear happy and then elope before marriage. Guddan thinks she can’t manage Akshat’s family.

Internet Wala Love:
Samrat gets angered on Shubhankar’s refusal. He was expecting Shubhankar to accept his marriage proposal for Aadhya heartily, since he has done many favors on Aadhya’s family. He thinks of troubling Shubhankar so much that he comes begging for help. Samrat feels this is the only way to convince Shubhankar. He knows Shubhankar is Aadhya’s weakness, and she will give up when her dad falls in trouble. He gets determined to make such a plan that Aadhya gets ready to marry him willingly. On the other hand, Jai and Aadhya’s cute fights go on in the office, but their friendship progresses on the onlibe chat platform. They decide to meet their online chat friend and know each other further. Jai and Aadhya get ready and excited to meet, unaware of each other’s identity.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni risks her life and makes Piyali turn into her savior in Niyati’s eyes, so that Niyati accepts her as Jiji Maa. Niyati falls in Falguni’s plan and really thinks that Piyali has saved Falguni’s life. She feels indebted to Piyali and accepts her heartily. Piyali returns the Ganpati idol to Falguni. Falguni keeps the promise made to family and places the Ganpati idol before the investors come for signing the deal. However, she gets threatened by Piyali and receives bad omens, which makes her cancel the deal signing.

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