YRKKH: Kartik-Ashi’s marriage invite to hurt Naira


YRKKH: Kartik-Ashi’s marriage invite to hurt Naira… Naira learns about her illness, that would make her life worse than death. Naira gets afraid of the surgery, but agrees for it to get a new life. She learns that she may lose her partial memory after the surgery. She doesn’t want to live such a life where she doesn’t remember her close relations. She wants to have hope that things get better for her. Doctor tells her that they have checked her reports well and she is really stuck in this medical mess. He asks Naira to decide for her life. Suwarna gets a huge shock knowing the threat on Naira’s life. Naira asks Suwarna to help her make Kartik away from her forever. She tells Suwarna that she doesn’t want to live life by losing memories of Kartik, its better that Kartik forgets her. She tells that Kartik will die if she dies, he will also forget living if she forgets him after marrying him.

She asks Suwarna to decide for Kartik’s happiness. She tells Suwarna that everyone won’t understand her situation, she can’t fill sorrow in Kartik’s life. She wishes Suwarna stays angered with her and also kept Kartik away. She tells Suwarna that Kartik should have hatred for her, so that the hatred helps him in moving on. She tells Suwarna that its hard for her to take such a decision, but she really wants Kartik to marry someone. She wants her life’s sorrows to end. She asks Suwarna to understand what she is going through and help her in making Kartik’s life better. She makes a hearty request. She doesn’t want Suwarna to lose her other son. She asks Suwarna to save her son’s future.

Suwarna regrets for her past hatred for Naira. Naira asks Suwarna to not reveal this truth to anyone. She tells Suwarna that she wants Suwarna to separate Kartik and her. Suwarna doesn’t want to do this sin of separating the lovers. She refuses to help Naira. Naira makes her swear on Kartik. They both go through much pain. Suwarna sheds tears. She passes through the test of fate. She calls up Kartik and asks him to come at the temple. She meets Kartik and asks him for a big promise. She asks him to believe her, she will just wish for his happiness. She asks him to get married and move on in life. Kartik promises to do anything she wants. Naira comes home with a heavy heart. Naira doesn’t know what will she tell the family. She wants the family to live in peace. She doesn’t know how will she fight her battles alone.

She knows her family is her strength. She gets into a dilemma over revealing the truth to her family. Suwarna asks Kartik to remarry. Kartik doesn’t think its easy for him. Suwarna asks him to move on for the sake of the family. He recollects Naira and her memories. Suwarna asks him for giving another chance to his life. Naira gets delighted on meeting Bhabhimaa. She wants to share her sorrow and pain with them. The family worries seeing Naira’s tears. Naira breaks down. On their insistence, she tells them about her critical illness. She shares about the shocking sorrow that came in her fate.

The family gets a big shock on knowing about her illness. Naira tells her that she is really scared to fight with her illness. The family supports her and tells her that they will fight with the illness and defeat it with courage. They ask Naira to have courage, everything will get fine soon. They encourage Naira and ask her to get up every time she falls. Singhanias support their daughter in a tough phase. Kartik agrees to marry Ashi. He meets Naira and invites her in his marriage.

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