Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi’s acceptance elates Tevar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking Tevar to face his doom

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi’s acceptance elates Tevar.. Sikandar gets happy that he will be singing with Kulfi. Amyra and Kulfi hug him. Tevar cries that Kulfi didn’t think of him once. Kulfi finds Tevar upset and realizes his efforts. She thinks she has hurt his heart. Tevar permits Kulfi to sing as she would get happiness. He loves Kulfi a lot. Kulfi wants to return love to Tevar. She learns from Sikandar and Amyra’s bond. She thinks its time that she calls Tevar her dad. Sikandar asks Kulfi to come along and sing with him. Kulfi tells him that she won’t sing with him, she wants to sing with her father Tevar. Sikandar gets surprised by her decision. Sikandar supports Kulfi and encourages her. She apologizes to Sikandar for disrespecting him this way. He asks her not to feel guilty, as she isn’t wrong. Kulfi runs to Tevar and takes him for the singing performance.

Tevar gets elated by Kulfi’s decision. Sikandar finds Kulfi bonding with Tevar. He gets emotional. He doesn’t want Tevar to cheat Kulfi. Tevar really considers Kulfi as his daughter. Kulfi calls him dad and gives him the biggest surprise. Tevar hugs her. He knew she can never hurt his heart. He feels like getting the world’s happiness when she calls him dad. Tevar and Kulfi’s love hurts Sikandar somewhere in his heart. Sikandar doesn’t know why is he feeling bad if Kulfi is pampered by Tevar. Tevar and Kulfi sing together. Sikandar finds Tevar taking his place in Kulfi’s life.

Everyone enjoys Tevar entertaining. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she has accepted Tevar as his dad by her heart. Tevar asks Sikandar to try if he wants, but their relation won’t break. Lovely gets happy that Kulfi will not come home now. Bebe asks Sikandar to accept the truth, that Tevar has proved to be a good father for Kulfi. Sikandar wants to get proof against Tevar. Tevar tells him that Kulfi will choose him even if he gets any evidence.

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