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High Five Spoilers… Papa By Chance:
The kids want to know who is Chiku. They ask Mohini about Chiku. She doesn’t tell them anything. She asks them not to disturb her. Yuvaan stays upset because of Harman. He is in much tension. He vents anger on Dhoni. He refuses to play and asks them to leave him alone. Dhoni helps him exercise. Yuvaan has lost the job, and wonders how will he manage the kids. He tells them that he has no money to keep them happy. Gungun asks Mohini to tell them about Chiku, since they have done a lot of work on her saying. Mohini refuses to them.


Anjana refuses to accept Zoya. Aditya leaves his family and takes Zoya with her. Zoya and Aditya get away from their families. Anjana hates Zoya. She didn’t wish Zoya to enter Aditya’s life. Anjana doesn’t understand what made Aditya marry Zoya. She breaks down in anger. She plans to kill Zoya to get Aditya back in the family. Anjana’s true face will be revealed soon.

Silsila: Nandini to restore Mauli’s happiness… Nandini faces the truth once again. Chakor shows the reality to Nandini. She tells Nandini that Mauli is still Kunal’s wife, Mauli is getting all the respect because of the legitimate relation. Nandini finds Kunal and Mauli dancing and gets hurt. She feels terrible. Chakor asks her to think how Mauli would have felt when she has seen Kunal with Nandini. She explains Nandini that she should leave Kunal, since Kunal and Mauli’s family is shattering because of her. She says you would be truly loving Kunal, but for the sake of his happiness, you have to leave him. She gives her a Mata Rani idol and asks her to seek guidance from Mata to decide the right thing. She asks Nandini to sacrifice her love if she truly respected Mauli before.

YRKKH: Drama Galore in Kartik and Ashi’s marriage… Kartik throws a big challenge for Naira and hurts her heart unknowingly. He asks her to attend his wedding and witness the rituals, if she has got completely over his love and memories. He tries hard to rekindle their love, hiding in her heart. He wants to explain her that no matter how big the problem it, they can together solve it, she can’t snatch his rights and decide for his life all alone. The mystery gets revealed, that Kartik has learnt Naira’s illness truth from Suwarna and made the plan to make Naira realize her mistake of sacrificing her love. He gets Ashi in his plan to mock the marriage only to open Naira’s eyes. He doesn’t want Naira to stay in fear that she is gifting him sorrow for life by marrying him. Kartik wants to earnestly try and make up for his past mistakes. He has got Suwarna on his side this time.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Majaaz misses to get Mariam, since Aayat reaches there before him and takes Mariam away. Majaaz loses Mariam and doubts on Farhaan. He confronts Farhaan’s parents over Mariam’s disappearance. He threatens to kill them if they don’t reveal about Mariam. Hamdam reveals the truth to Majaaz that Aayat is the real danger over Mariam’s life. She tells Majaaz that Aayat has got Mariam home just to save Jibraan’s life. She reveals that Mariam has gone undergone two operations till now by becoming bone marrow donor to Jibraan. Majaaz gets a huge shock knowing Aayat’s selfish motives. He then learns that Aayat has kidnapped Mariam for the kidney operation, since Jibraan is critical. He gets moved knowing Mariam is captured by Aayat.


Muskaan performs in the party with Sapna. She sees Ronak in the party and conceals her face. She doesn’t want to fall in his sight, knowing he will never understand her on knowing the truth. Ronak insults the dancers, and asks Muskaan to show her face. She doesn’t lift the ghunghat, which angers him. She manages to leave from the party. Suzaine wants Muskaan’s life to come on track. She advises Muskaan to get away from the brothel and its bitter situations. She supports Muskaan. She doesn’t want Muskaan to dance and earn money. She wants Muskaan to study and make her life successful. She guides Muskaan towards the right path. Sapna is happy and shares the good news, that she got a big opportunity to dance and earn money. Muskaan tells Tabassum that she came back early as there is no class. Sapna competes with Muskaan.

Udaan gets an extension:
Chakor bears Imli and Gumaan’s tortures till Suraj arrives to save her. Suraj makes a heroic entry and turns the tables. He catches hold of Gumaan and beats him to pulp. Suraj takes charge of the situation. Chakor and Suraj punish Imli and Gumaan for their never ending crimes. Chakor triumphs over Imli once again. She tells Imli that its the triumph of good over evil. Chakor and Suraj live happily with their daughter Anjor.


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