Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer pins hopes from Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer pins hopes from Zara… Kabeer tells Ruksar that he will take her to the court and get her innocence proved. He gets details of Hamdam’s murder case. Kabeer brings a witness Farhaan, who changes her statement. Farhaan speaks against Ruksar. Kabeer explains Farhaan that he should just tell the truth. Farhaan tells Kabeer that Ruksar used to trouble Hamdam, Ruksar has killed Hamdam. He tells that Hamdam never tortured Ruksar. Kabeer can do anything to save Ruksar, who is like family to him. He didn’t wish Ruksar to get punished. Ruksar is proved guilty. He tells her that he married her just to re-open the case.

He had many hopes from Farhaan, but gets shattered when Farhaan changes his statement. Ruksar’s hopes break down. She gets happiness seeing her love Kabeer fighting for her life. Kabeer informs Zara about Ruksar’s care and asks her to try and make Hamdam’s parents forgive Ruksar and withdraw the case. He asks Zara to help Ruksar, since the court has given the verdict against Ruksar.

Kabeer asks Zara to meet Hamdam’s parents as soon as possible. Zeenat prepares to welcome Ruksar home. Zara doesn’t want Zeenat’s hopes to break. Zara meets Hamdam’s parents and tries to convince them for withdrawing the case. She fails to convince them. Ruksar gets the death penalty. She makes the last wish that she wants to die as Kabeer’s wife. Ruksar gets dressed in her bridal dress, when she is taken for the death sentence. Kabeer prays for Ruksar’s freedom from the jail. He can’t think how to break such a shocking news to Zeenat. He prays that he lives up to his word and fulfills his promise to Zeenat. He has all hopes from Zara now. Can Zara fulfill Kabeer’s promise and save Ruksar? Keep reading.

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