YHM: A new love tale to begin and raise the drama

YHM: A new love tale to begin and raise the drama

YHM: A new love tale to begin and raise the drama… Raman shouts out in pain and tells Ishita that he has lost. She asks him to complete the therapy session for Ruhi’s sake. She motivates him. She tells him that he can’t lose, he isn’t allowed to lose, he has to get back on his feet. Raman agrees to her just for the sake for Ruhi. Rohan and Aaliya clear the misunderstanding. They get friendly. He tells her that they were in real funny situation because of the little misunderstanding. Ishita supports Raman and asks him to walk. Raman gets happy when he gets on his feet. Ruhi gets a wonderful surprise on seeing him walking. Ishita and Ruhi ask him to put more efforts and recover soon. Ishita asks Raman to be strong-willed and complete the sessions every day. He apologizes for hurting her. She just wants to see him on his feet. She tells him that she will settle scores with him once he gets fine. They care for each other.

Ruhi gets happy to see them together and their lovely bond. Rohan drops Aaliya home. She apologizes to him for angrily throwing his bracelet. She tells him that he wants to gift him a bracelet. He apologizes to her for his rudeness. He finds a nice friend in him. He tells her that they will meet again. He gives his number and asks him to give him a call when she is free. Romi learns that Ruhi and Aaliya didn’t turn up for the meeting. He questions Ruhi about the meeting. Aaliya tells him that she has gone for the meeting, but didn’t meet the client because of a misunderstanding. Romi reprimands Aaliya for her silly mistake. Aaliya apologizes to him. Romi tells her that the client will cancel the deal. Aaliya forgets the file at the cafe. She realizes this and apologizes to Romi for her careless behavior. Romi yells at her. Aaliya tells him that she will rectify her mistake by getting the file.

Rohan helps Aaliya and hands over her file. He tells her that he got the file for her to save her day. She thanks him. She tells him that she missed to meet the client. She wants to make up for her mistake. He tells her that he is equally at fault, he will help her in the business deal. He takes Aaliya along. Aaliya tells him about the client Shekhar. Romi gets irritated. Mihika asks Romi not to vent out frustration on Aaliya. Raman and Ishita also explain Romi. They defend Aaliya.

They ask Romi to maintain his cool. Raman apologizes to Romi on Aaliya’s behalf. He feels guilty that he isn’t managing work. Ishita asks Romi to guide Ruhi and Aaliya, and motivate them for work. Romi decides to apologize to Aaliya. Rohan drops Aaliya to the cafe and fixes her meeting with the client. Aaliya apologizes to the client. Client doesn’t get convinced for her. Aaliya wants to get the deal for Romi. Rohan tells Aaliya that he can convince the client his way. He tricks Shekhar. He then asks Shekhar to give a chance to Aaliya. Rohan helps Aaliya and makes Shekhar apologize to Aaliya. Aaliya finds Rohan a magician. She gets charmed by him. Rohan and Aaliya’s love tale begins.

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