Krishna Chali London: Krishna revives Radhe to life

Krishna Chali London: Krishna revives Radhe to life

Krishna Chali London: Krishna revives Radhe to life… Krishna pleads to Lord to save Radhe’s life. Doctor finds Radhe sinking and goes to inform the family. Radhe loses his life. Krishna turns into Savitri to save her husband. She prays for Radhe. She realizes her love for Radhe, when she fears that he will get away from her forever. She feels she can’t live without Radhe, since she loves him. Doctor tells Gajanan that they couldn’t save Radhe. Gajanan and Lali get a big shock knowing Radhe is dead. Gajanan can’t accept that Radhe has left him. He asks doctor to save Radhe some how. He doesn’t know what to answer the family about Radhe’s loss. Doctor understands his pain. He asks Gajanan to be strong and accept the truth. Lali consoles Gajanan. Krishna shares her tensions with pandit, and gets guidance. She wants to fight for Radhe’s life.

Shukla gets worried for Radhe. He wants to get some information about his son. Krishna fulfills tough rituals for Radhe’s sake. She reaches the hospital with much difficulty and rushes to Radhe. Gajanan and Lali cry and tell her that Radhe is no more. Krishna breaks down. She runs to Radhe and tries to revive him. Radhe gets a new life by Krishna’s prayers. Nurse informs the doctor that Radhe is still alive. This brings happiness in the family. Krishna asks Radhe to come back to them. Radhe sees Krishna and wants to recover for her sake. He gets his strong will back. Doctor tells them that Radhe has survived. Krishna’s love brings him back. Krishna also realizes the strength of love. She meets Radhe to tell him that she loves him a lot. Krishna plans a lovely surprise for Radhe.


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