Papa By Chance: Amrit gets heartbroken over Rohan’s truth

Papa By Chance: Amrit attempts to end Yuvaan's annoyance

Papa By Chance: Amrit gets heartbroken over Rohan’s truth… Yuvaan feels sorry that Amrit cried because of him. He thinks of forgetting the bet, since this is hurting Amrit’s heart. He decides not to prove Rohan’s inclination towards men. Yuvaan’s flirty side gives new hopes to Rohan. Rohan lands up at home to confront Yuvaan about his interest. Yuvaan tells him that he isn’t interested in him and was just doing the drama to prove his truth to Amrit, now he has changed his mind. He asks Rohan to respect Amrit and not cheat her this way, since she blindly trusts him ans has many expecations from the marriage. He asks Rohan to tell the truth to Amrit, as she deserves this. He asks Rohan to tell his reality to even his parents.

Rohan tells him that none of his parents and Amrit will understand his truth, he really needs to marry some girl to prove his normalcy to the society. Yuvaan asks him not to be a coward. Amrit overhears their conversation and learns that Rohan is not a straight guy indeed. She gets disheartened. She sheds tears and confronts Rohan for using their friendship and cheating her this way. She breaks up with Rohan. She thanks Yuvaan for bringing out Rohan’s truth.


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