TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers… Internet Wala Love: Jai and Aadhya meet in Dada and Dadi’s anniversary party. They sing and dance with the family, and celebrate. Jai warns Aadhya against getting after his brother and misunderstands her. He thinks she is the vamp in his life. He doesn’t know that she is his internet chat friend. Aadhya and her family try to know Samrat and his family well. Shubhankar wants to be sure that Samrat’s family is happy with the alliance. He doesn’t want anyone to blame Aadhya. He asks Aadhya to take money and leave Samrat. He gets insulting her, assuming her to be a gold digger. Aadhya returns the money to Jai and scolds him for misunderstanding her. Dada and Dadi tell Shubankar that they will always love Aadhya and give her respect of a bahu. Shubhankar gets convinced of the family.

Amar takes the James bond avatar to make Meera smile. He surprises her. He wants Meera to stay happy. He tells her that he wanted to scare her, but she is his brave daughter, she didn’t get scared at all. She thanks him for the efforts. He asks her why is she so upset, if she is hiding something.

Silsila: Mauli loses hope in her marriage… Nandini gets upset when she sees Mauli with Kunal. The people compliment Kunal and Mauli for their growing love. They pretend happy in front of everyone. Nandini can’t think of leaving from Kunal’s life, since she is mad about him. Kunal meets her and tells her that he is her love forever. He assures her of their togetherness and ends her insecurities. Dida stops Kunal from going to drop Nandini home. Dida feels Mauli has done a lot for Nandini and invited problems in her family. Kunal misses Nandini and chats her with. Mauli feels hurt knowing about Kunal and Nandini’s night chats. She sees Kunal sleeping and helps him lie property. She gets his phone and checks the chats. She gets disturbed reading the messages.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to make his marriage revelation… Kabeer finally arrives to India. He brings Ruksar with him. He asks Ruksar not to tell anyone about their marriage, as they know the motive of it, he just married her to save her life. He wants to tell Zara about his marriage first, and then explain the family. He hopes Zara will understand him. Zara and family reach the airport to pick him. Zara gets too happy to see Kabeer. She hugs him and tells him that she has missed him a lot. He falls in a strange situation to break the news to him. He sees Zara’s happiness and gets scared to tell her. He thinks to wait for the right time and reveal it. He knows Zara will be upset, but eventually understand him. They go home and spend time. Zara shares her happiness and excitement. She tells him about her dreams.

Ishika misunderstands Roop, because of Ranvir. Ranvir tries to befriend Ishika. He tells her that he is her friend and wants to do his duty. He fools Ishika by taking advantage of her sorrow. Roop gets upset thinking about Ishika. He returns home. He doesn’t eat the food and stays lost. Kamla asks him the matter. She asks him to share things with her. He tells her about Ishika. She asks him not to worry, Ishika will soon learn his truth and talk to him. She gives him hope. Shamsher and Ranvir join for breakfast.

Ronak and Hanumath get attacked by the goons at their house. Ronak fights back and saves Hanumanth. He beats the goons and makes them run away. Muskaan learns that Ronak is beaten up by some goons. She realizes that Tabassum has sent the goons to beat him. She feels sad knowing about Ronak’s injuries. She goes to his house to meet him. She asks him not to befriend her, else her dangerous family will not leave him. Ronak is stubborn and doesn’t understand her warnings. He tells her that now he will befriend her. She tells him that he will suffer if he gets after her. Ronak tells her that he isn’t scared of anyone. He gets her home and asks her to make tea for him and his friend. He asks her to clean his house as well. Muskaan makes tea and does the work for the sake of humanity, since she doesn’t regard him a friend. Ronak tests her goodness and finds her a nice girl.

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  1. Zara is very happy with Kabeer’s return, but she don’t know that kabeer gets married to Ruksaar. Zara… you know Ruksaar very well and to what extent she can go …its your mistake.. why did you send Kabeer alone to bring Ruksaar… the story is getting bored.


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