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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers on Telly Reviews… Internet Wala Love: Aadhya and her family meet Samrat and everyone to wish for Navratri. Dada ji forces Roopa to do Aadhya’s aarti. Roopa does the aarti and welcomes Aadhya. Jai calls a guy to prove Aadhya’s affair. Jai also learns the truth that Aadhya didn’t have any affair, and has a good character. He feels guilty and tells Aadhya that he didn’t mean to hurt her by pointing on her character. He makes an apology. He tells her that he just wanted to stop Samrat and her marriage, but he will make sure that he doesn’t hurt anyone’s heart or ruin anyone’s esteem for this purpose. He sticks to his decision of stopping the marriage. Aadhya feels hurt and thinks what enmity does Jai have with her. Dada ji apologize to Aadhya and scolds Jai for his big mistake. Dada ji wishes Aadhya and her family forget the insult and forgive them.

Aditya and Zoya get married and take love vows. She promises to always love him. Aditya also promises to always stand by her under any circumstances. They undergo all the rituals and get bonded by marriage.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Dida sends Mauli for the Durga puja in the temple. Nandini also visits the temple pandal. Mauli and Nandini pray for Kunal. They have the same wish. Mauli gets the sindoor from Kunal. The puja goes on. There are many women dressed in traditional avatar. Mauli doesn’t see Nandini. Mauli and Nandini do the Puja together. They put sindoor on each other. They play the Sindoor ritual. They then realize each other’s presence. They come face to face. Mauli gets upset seeing her. She doesn’t feel happy because of Nandini’s deceive. Dida sends Kunal with Mauli, so that he doesn’t meet Nandini. Kunal comes closer to Mauli by the moments created. Nandini performs dance along with Mauli and other women. Kunal looks for Nandini to talk to her.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil gets angry on Vedika. Vedika wants to prove her innocence in the accident case of Sahil’s mum. She tells him that she didn’t push his mum down the stairs intentionally. She plays the video to show him. Bhoomi changes the evidence. This fails Vedika in proving the truth. Sahil tells her that he won’t believe her. They have a moment. She tells him that she wants to clear the misunderstandings. She asks him to give her some time to prove truth. Bhoomi obeys Badi Amma, and wants Vedika out. Badi Amma wants to come back home and ruin everyone’s lives. Bhoomi feels insecure because of Vedika.

Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan and Amrit have a moment when they together take care of sick Ullu. Yuvaan gets tired and sits awake beside Ullu to take care of him. He is happy that he has managed to get the school admission. He thinks of the difficulties he faced in getting the admission. He feels guilty that Ullu has fallen sick by his plans. He gets concerned for Ullu. He gets support from Amrit. Amrit tells him that if he reacts angrily, he won’t become the guardian for kids. He tells her that he can’t see the kids in problem, he told Kashvi that he won’t use the kids for winning the case. He wants to learn taking up responsibility, as his dad wanted. Amrit feels happy seeing him turning responsible. She becomes his friend again. She asks him not to take stress and relax. Yuvaan informs Kashvi that he has got the kids’ admission in school and now Naina can’t separate the kids from him.

Ronak finally convinces Muskaan to participate in the ramp walk. He tells her that she is pretty like a model, she should be part of the show, so that they can raise more funds for the needy patients fighting with cancer. Muskaan agrees to work with Ronak. They make plans of organizing the ramp show the next day. They get busy with the preparations, and also come closer. Ronak takes Muskaan to the shopping mall. He asks her to buy some stuff for the little girl, whom they want to help together. Muskaan hides her identity when she sees Tabassum shopping for her birthday.


Chakor and Suraj notice some car following them to the haveli. They get worried for Anjor. They suddenly get the shocking news of Tuntun’s death. Suraj tells Chakor that they have to rush to police station, the police has found Tuntun’s dead body dumped somewhere. Chakor can’t believe that Tuntun is no more. She hides the truth from Anjor. Chakor and Suraj meet the police inspector to know about Tuntun’s death. They ask how did this happen. Inspector tells them that the kidnappers are giving drugs to young girls to grow them before time, so that they can sell the girls for money. Chakor and Suraj get a big shock on knowing this. Tuntun’s parents break down with her death. They cry for Tuntun.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti tries to make Randhir against Rangoli. She starts manipulating them to break their unity. She tells Randhir that Rangoli has told her everything about him, and maybe she has revealed his truth to others as well. Randhir falls in her words. On the other hand, Rangoli proposes Ahaan for marriage. Ahaan gets surprised. Ahaan gets in dilemma and wants to test his fate.


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