Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness… Niyati gets upset with Falguni for risking Vidhaan’s life. She can’t believe that her motherly figure has become so careless about Vidhaan. She restricts Falguni from meeting Vidhaan. Even Jayant supports her, since he wants Vidhaan to get fine. He asks Falguni to better mend her irresponsible behavior. Niyati asks Suyash to show some concern and love to Vidhaan, who is awaiting him since long. She asks Suyash if he has also ended love in heart for family like Falguni. Suyash apologizes to them. He hides about his cancer and its critical stage. He fears that Falguni will break down if she learns about his disease.

Suyash doesn’t let anyone know about it. Piyali gets hint of his secret. Falguni wonders what’s Suyash hiding from her. She decides to find out the matter. Piyali wants to know the truth so that she can snatch Falguni’s left over relations as well. She wants to snatch Suyash’s love and respect so that Falguni breaks down completely. On the other hand, Uttara convinces Jayant to let her soul return home to set things right for the family. Jayant breaks down with the sorrowful phase and really wishes Uttara to come back and take matters in her hands.



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