Aapke Aa Jane Se: Bhoomi’s selfish act to hurt Vedika

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika and Sahil's happy union finally

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Bhoomi’s selfish act to hurt Vedika… Vedika fails to prove Badi Amma’s truth. She finds the pen drive empty. She finds no evidence of Badi Amma’s crime confession. She says Badi Amma has stolen the evidence, she has deleted the files from the pen drive. Badi Amma denies everything. The family thinks Badi Amma has become mentally unstable. Badi Amma cleverly traps her again. She tells Sahil that Vedika is her enemy. They have an heated argument. Vedika sheds tears. She gets support from Arya and Manjula. She vents out her frustration. She tells Sahil that very soon she will expose Badi Amma’s truth.

Vedika says Badi Amma has stolen my child Ved and swapped him. Sahil shouts on her. Bhoomi sees Vedika’s sorrow and sheds tears. She has done everything for Ved’s sake. Bhoomi acts selfish. Bhoomi knows Vedika is saying the truth, but can’t help her, since she doesn’t want to lose Ved. Sahil asks Vedika to leave from the house for the betterment of him and his family. Sahil loses his cool and breaks things. Badi Amma returns from asylum and ruins lives once again. How will Vedika prove her truth? Keep reading.

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