Ishqbaaz: Shivay shatters realizing his enemy’s identity

Ishqbaaz Shivay returns to solve the murder mystery

Ishqbaaz: Shivay shatters realizing his enemy’s identity… As per Anika’s challenge, Shivay accepts her as his wife, his pride and his world. He tells the people that Anika is really his life, he has married her and gives her all the rights of his wife. He tells Anika that she has taught him what a marriage means. He has learnt that they have to support life partner. He is grateful that Anika trusted him when the world was against him. He tells them that he can give and take a life for her sake. He accepts that he loves Anika a lot, and she is his strength. He tells Anika that he wanted to make her wear the mangalsutra that part night. He tells the people that Anika is his wife, and he is proud of her. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Shivay finally gives a name to their relation. The family gets happy with Shivay and Anika’s union and blesses them.

Shivay and Anika have a moment. Mohit tries to spoil their fun. He speaks nonsense and tells Shivay that his enemy is still hidden. He warns Shivay that the game has just begun. He gives a hint to Shivay about his big enemy. He is sure that Shivay will be finished soon. Mohit’s chapter ends with his arrest. Oberois return home and carry out a proper Grahpravesh for Anika. Dadi also accepts Anika, because of Shivay’s acceptance. Dadi surprises Anika with her planned grand welcome. Dadi gets emotional and wants Shivika to be happy. Dadi always wants them to have same love. They get happy that all their problems have gone. Shivay tells Anika that they will get their room soon, police will remove the seal. They plan to spend time. Shivay wants to know for whom is Mohit working. He tries to find out that person. He calls on that person’s number, and finds the phone ringing in Oberoi mansion.

He learns a big shock knowing Tej is Mohit’s boss, who has planned everything against him. He can’t believe that Tej’s truth is so evil. He realizes that he has a bigger battle ahead. He regards Tej as a fatherly figure. He thinks Mohit is framing Tej. He accepts his mistake and apologizes to Tej. Tej admits the bitter truth that he is the one who tried to frame him. Tej expresses his hatred. Shivay asks him if he is joking, or if Mohit has compelled him to lie. Tej doesn’t care and tells him that he is the mastermind behind the big conspiracy. Shivay loses faith in Tej.

He asks Tej why did he do this, what’s the motive. Tej tells him that he didn’t wish Shivay’s child to claim Oberoi empire. Tej has done this to stop Shivay from getting a heir. He tells Shivay that he wants the empire for his sons. His crime confession hurts Shivay’s heart. Shivay shows a big heart and forgives Tej. He finds a way to stop Tej’s madness.


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