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Tonight on Star Plus… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s partial memory loss begins to inflict… Doctor asks Kartik to marry soon, as Naira has to be operated at the earliest. He tells Kartik that surgery needs to be done tomorrow under any circumstances. He asks him to hide the matter from Naira. He doesn’t give any hope to Naira. Kids try to cheer up elders by singing an innocent rap for Naira. The elders get motivated by them. The family plans to record a message for Naira, so that Naira gets happy. Kartik is asked to take a decision fast. Naira wants to look good in her marriage. She recalls how she used to strike Kartik by her charm. She wants to deck up and become his Naira. Kartik decides to marry her soon. Naitik, Naksh and other family members record their messages for Naira. They try to encourage Naira. They get emotional while speaking out their feelings.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay shatters realizing his enemy’s identity… As per Anika’s challenge, Shivay accepts her as his wife, his pride and his world. He tells the people that Anika is really his life, he has married her and gives her all the rights of his wife. He tells Anika that she has taught him what a marriage means. He has learnt that they have to support life partner. He is grateful that Anika trusted him when the world was against him. He tells them that he can give and take a life for her sake. He accepts that he loves Anika a lot, and she is his strength. He tells Anika that he wanted to make her wear the mangalsutra that part night. He tells the people that Anika is his wife, and he is proud of her. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Shivay finally gives a name to their relation. The family gets happy with Shivay and Anika’s union and blesses them.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar seeks answers from Sattu… Sikandar heads to find the truth about Kulfi’s father. Kulfi become strict towards Tevar and fulfills her responsibility to make the family the best. She tells Tevar that she doesn’t want to spoil him by pampering, and even he shouldn’t pamper her a lot. He asks him to make food and eat, rather than ordering food from hotel. She makes him understand the value of food. She asks him to do his work on his own. Amyra meets them. Kulfi and Amrya’s friendship comes as a relief for Tevar. Sikandar reaches Sattu’s house to find the truth. Lovely asks Cutie to help her and stop Sikandar from knowing the truth about Kulfi. They get a big shock when they see Nihali at the door. Cutie feels everything has gone out of hands, as Nihali isn’t in Chirauli to mislead Sikandar. Sikandar happens to come across Sattu. He asks him about Kulfi.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz protects Mariam from all odds… Aayat locks up Nawaaz and also hurts him. She threatens Farhaan about exposing his truth. She asks him to handover Mariam to her. Aayat wants Mariam to donate her kidney to Jibraan. Mariam feels hungry. Majaaz feels helpless since he has no money. He carries Mariam with her. They see some posters. Majaaz becomes a wanted criminal. Aayat blackmails Farhaan by finding evidences against him to hand over to the police. Farhaan tells her that he will get Mariam to her, but his secret shouldn’t be revealed. She gives her word. Majaaz and Mariam hide from the goons.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi’s shocking move to stun Bhallas… Sudha pays money to Monica and asks her to give her information about Bhallas. She meets Mani at the restaurant. She invites him for a talk about Aaliya. She instigates him against Bhallas. She tells him how Raman and Ishita have ignored Aaliya’s future and chose Ruhi. She asks him to better protect Aaliya. Ishita sympathizes with Aaliya. Raman gets angry on Rohan’s move. Ishita tells him that Rohan isn’t ill-mannered, he is modest, he loves Aaliya and wants to marry her. She tells how Rohan behaved good with them. She asks him to think for Aaliya. She tells him that they should get Aaliya married to Rohan, since he loves her. She doesn’t want Aaliya to live like a widow. Sudha tells Mani that if Rohan loves Aaliya, its not a problem to get them married. She asks him to answer Raman and Ishita, and bring Aaliya out of widowhood. She asks Mani to support Aaliya’s second marriage.


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