Aapke Aa Jane Se(PicFiction): Sahil and Vedika part ways

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Finally Sahil-Vedika have a union

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil and Vedika part ways.. Badi Amma doesn’t want Vedika to win over her. She learns Vedika’s plan and fails her. Badi Amma outdoes Vedika by cleverly laying the trap. Sahil asks Vedika to leave from the house. Vedika gets sorrowful and packs bags to leave. Sahil is also broken with her leaving. Sahil meets Arya and gets emotional. He cries that he is parting away with Vedika. Vedika wanted to get Ved. She didn’t succeed. She takes Sadika and Ved’s pictures with her. She meets her children for the last time. She leaves the house only for Sahil’s sake.

She wants to save her self-esteem and also not hurt Sahil. She failed in her motives to prove Badi Amma’s evil. She has lost and accepts that Ved will be with Bhoomi. She rests assured that Bhoomi will always love Ved and Gauri will always love Sadika. Manjula and Arya believe Vedika and her truth. They also leave the house with Vedika to support her. Sahil shatters. Bhoomi consoles him. She understands his emotional breakdown.

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