Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to experience memory blank outs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to experience memory blank outs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to experience memory blank outs.. Kartik feels guilty that he has made Naira upset. He takes a doctor’s get up and entertains her. She complains to him about her husband. She tells him that her husband is very boring. He wishes his fear ends some how. He tells her that he will treat her husband and make him the way she wants. Naitik and Manish get stressed. Naitik gets a panic attack, and misses his medicines. Manish offers him help. Naitik tells him that his family can heal him. Manish tells him that he has also seen similar sorrow when his wife passed away. Kartik and Naira spend cute moments, away from the sight of the hospital staff. They leave from the boring ward and pass time. Kartik wants her to always be smiling.

Surekha finds Akhilesh worried for work. He tells her that Manish is already worried for Kartik and Naira. She doesn’t want Akhilesh to take much stress and share the problems with Manish. She feels bad that Manish doesn’t see his hardwork. Akhilesh wants to tell the family about his dream project, once everything gets fine in their family. Manish asks Akhilesh if he has to say something.

Akhilesh tells him about petty business issues. Manish asks him to take rest. Akhilesh wants his brother to understand him. Doctor asks Kartik and Naira if they are romancing in the hospital. He tells them that their mischief is caught in the CCTV cameras. He asks Kartik to make Naira sleep early. Kartik and Naira invite the doctor for their marriage. Kartik gets worried when he finds Naira missing. He asks Manish if he has seen Naira. Kartik realizes that she has gone to get ready for the marriage. He gets charmed by her beauty once again. Kartik asks them to call the doctor for him, he is getting a heart attack seeing Naira. The family gets happy for the lovers. Naira asks Kartik to go and get ready fast so that he can match up to her. She gets an attack and controls her dizziness. Kartik tells doctor that Naira is absolutely fine.

Doctor tells him that so much love for a partner isn’t so good, Naira is just acting fine as she loves him a lot. He tells Kartik that Naira’s state is getting worse and she is well aware of it. Kartik realizes her sacrificing ways again. Doctor wishes him all the best. Kartik asks the families to hurry up with the marriage rituals. Naitik feels anxiety. He fails to share his tensions. He gets grateful to Goenkas for supporting Naira in such times, when nothing is certain in Naira’s life. He finds them big-hearted to accept Naira. Dadi and Manish tell him that they are one big happy family.

Manish invites Singhanias home along with Naira. Naira suddenly forgets about her marriage. Kartik keeps his hope that everything will be fine. Naira blanks out and wonders why did she dress up like a bride. She begins to slip in old memories. She removes the floral ornaments. She forgets few years of her life and leaves from the hospital. The family receive a big shock when they find Naira missing. Naitik gets panicking. Manish assures him that they will find Naira, and get her back. Kartik finds Naira finally and fears that she has forgotten him. Her memory resumes, and he gets a relief. He takes her for the marriage.


  1. Naira plz get well soon… kartik really loves you a lot and if you forget him and his memories, The viewers will definitely don’t want to see the show.

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