Udaan: Chakor to fall in huge trouble

Udaan: Chakor takes a new initiative to find truth

Udaan: Chakor to fall in huge trouble… Chakor meets the welfare minister Rajeshwari Devi. She gets a big shock knowing the minister is the boss of Bacha Pandey. Rajeshwari blesses Bacha Pandey. She leaves the child trafficking scam. Chakor can’t believe that the government who is meant to protect people has such evil people. Chakor scolds the minister. She decides to expose the minister in front of the media. Chakor gets targeted by the minister and the goons. Minister asks them to teach Chakor a lesson so that her courage breaks down. The goons misbehave with Chakor. Chakor tries to fight back.

Suraj learns the minister isn’t a right person. He also reaches the place to check on Chakor. He learns that Chakor has already left from the place. He gets doubtful when he finds Chakor’s broken phone there. He gets angered knowing something is wrong with her. Suraj reaches Chakor and finds her troubled by the goons, while Rajeshwari watches the drama. Suraj bashes the goons and protects his wife. He gives an answer to Rajeshwari Devi and tells her that nobody can harm them. He walks out with Chakor.

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