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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar and Tevar’s surprising bond… Sikandar decides to reveal the truth to Tevar. He goes to meet Tevar. He wants to tell him about Amyra. Tevar tells him that he got cheated by many people in his life. He says I got to know that you went to Chirauli and now you will tell the same truth again, that Kulfi isn’t my daughter. Sikandar feels Tevar is really caring for Kulfi. He says you aren’t Kulfi’s real father. He gets angered. Lovely tells Cutie that Sikandar has gone to talk to Tevar. She wants to stop Sikandar. Kulfi overhears Lovely and Cutie’s conversation. Cutie tells Lovely that she has stopped Kulfi from learning the truth. Lovely fears that Sikandar will tell the truth to Tevar. Sikandar tells Tevar that Kulfi’s father is someone else.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: More fears, obstacles and shocks for KaiRa… When Naira suddenly faints, Kartik fears that she might really forget him. He rushes her to the doctor for immediate aid. He tells the doctor that he can’t wait for more time. He asks the doctor to save Naira. He asks Naira to get fine and come back without forgetting anyone. Doctor rushes her for the marriage. The anxiety makes a place in everyone’s mind. Kartik asks Naira to fight with the illness for the sake of their love. He is hopeful that she can’t forget anything. The family feels bad seeing his sorrow. Kartik encourages Naira and waits for the surgery to commence. Manish and Suwarna try to handle Kartik. They tell him that Naira will get fine and come to them, since their blessings and prayers will protect her. Manish asks Kartik to stay hopeful and not let the fears overcome him.

Ishqbaaz: Fast track twists and high drama next… Shivay stops Khanna from telling the truth about Tej’s evil. Shivay admits that he has shot Tej to death. Khanna tells them that he didn’t see anything. Anika asks Khanna not to lie and tell them the truth. Jhanvi tells them that Shivay has killed Tej, and ruined their family just for the money. Omkara and Rudra want to hear the truth from Shivay. They break down with Shivay’s confession. Omkara finds the company stocks documents and realizes that Shivay has killed Tej just for the property and business stake. Jhanvi tells her sons that Tej was always right to suspect Shivay. She gets against Shivay, just like everyone else. Dadi vents out anger on Shivay. She slaps him and curses him for breaking their trust.

Muskaan gets delighted on meeting Aarti. She hugs Aarti and tells her that she won’t let Aarti leave from her life now. Aarti slaps her shockingly and reacts in a bitter way. Muskaan tells her that she is her daughter. Aarti refuses to accept her, and has old memories of child Muskaan in mind. Muskaan gets a big shock on learning about Aarti’s mental instability. Aarti asks Tabassum to make her meet her Muskaan. Tabassum plays with Muskaan and Aarti’s emotions, knowing they are each other’s weakness.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A fatal attack on Raman… Bhallas start preparations for the Navratri. They have a get together on the first day of Navratri. They get ready for Mata ki Chowki. Raman doesn’t want to go with him. He tells them that he doesn’t want to trouble anyone, he will rest at home. Ishita asks the family members to leave, she will get ready and come later. Raman finds Ishita worried. Ishita informs him about Kaushalya’s worse state. Raman tells her that he didn’t get rude to Kaushalya, he isn’t at fault. She tells him that Rohan and Karan are thinking they are responsible. She informs that Sudha has made the matter worse for them. He asks Ishita to go for Chowki, he will manage himself for few hours. The family prays for Raman’s recovery. Rohan gets drunk thinking of his mother’s state. He heads to Bhalla house to take revenge on Raman. Ishita worships and wishes that everything gets fine in their lives.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla insults Krishna and makes her out of the house, after Radhe does Krishna’s Shraddh and gives her the divorce papers. Radhe and Krishna shed tears of separation. They miss each other. They both love each other, and yet get separated. Krishna doesn’t want to divorce Radhe. Radhe frees her from the unwanted relation and asks her to go to London to fulfill his dreams. Radhe vents out his anger by breaking the things, while his dad gets happy that his life is getting on track. He doesn’t care for Radhe’s sorrow. Krishna feels Radhe has done much wrong with her, but she can’t get over their relation.

Shukla is happy that Radhe got rid of Krishna forever. Even Dubey gets happy that Krishna got rid of Radhe. Dubey feels Radhe never deserved Krishna. He asks her to sign the divorce papers and free Radhe form the unwanted marriage. He explains that she isn’t in love with Radhe, and just got habitual to Radhe. Krishna still feels she loves Radhe. Dubey encourages her to pursue her dreams and not overthink about Radhe. Krishna finally signs the divorce papers.


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