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Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta plans to unveil Monisha’s lies and secrets. She wants to expose the enemy of Luthra family. Preeta makes a plan with Rishabh, Sameer and Shrishti. She tells them that they have to get Monisha to the room and know who is with her in this evil game. She wants to expose Monisha. She is hopeful that she will find the enemy. Kareena finds Prithvi with Sherlyn, and receives a big shock.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag’s arrest and Navin’s evil motives lined in… Anurag and Prerna help their friends elope and marry. They both want the lovers to unite. Anurag and Prerna get caught by the police and land in the jail. Mohini learns that Anurag is behind bars. She gets infuriated. She asks Moloy to rush to the police station and free Anurag. Mohini and Moloy bail out Anurag. They learn about Prerna’s helping the lovers.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna tells Radhe that she loves him. Radhe doesn’t believe her and signs the divorce papers in anger. He gives the papers to her, asking her to sign. He then pusts Krishna from the house. Krishna returns home and cries for Radhe. She feels Radhe also loves her a lot, but is affected by Prashant’s conspiracy. She doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers. She still finds hope in her relation. Dubey tells her that if Radhe really loved her, he would have not broken the relation by signing the divorce papers. He tells her that this is her fate, and even her dad is responsible for her sorrow. He apologizes to Krishna and requests her to sign the papers.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni doesn’t want Suyash to stay unhappy. She tells Suyash that she can do anythying for his happiness, since he is her husband, her love. She signs the divorce papers for his sake and frees him from the unwanted marriage. She tells him that she will get him married to Piyali and gift him all the world’s happiness. She wants to find her happiness in his happiness. She promises to get his second marriage done in a grand way. Suyash feels guilty of playing with Falguni’s emotions. Uttara doesn’t want Piyali to become Suyash’s wife. She wants to stop the marriage at any cost. She contacts her aide, who is in jail. She bails him out and calls him out, only to control Piyali. Uttara wants to get rid of Piyali.

Suraj decides to support Chakor in her battle against the human traffickers. Chakor tells him how Rajeshwari revealed the shocking figures to her. Suraj wants to expose Rajeshwari’s evil so that many people can get saved. Suraj openly challenges Rajeshwari that he will ruin her evil kingdom. Suraj and Chakor have battled many devils in the past. They are sure to tackle their new enemy, but stay worried only because of Anjor.

Salim gets mistaken about Akbar, just because of Rukaiya’s conspiracies. Rukaiya makes sure that she draws big differences between Akbar and Salim. She wants the father-son duo to die fighting with each other, so that she gets the throne. Rukaiya fills frustration in Salim. Salim doesn’t know that Akbar and Jodha are awaiting him anxiously and shedding tears in his memory. Salim refuses to return to the palace and kills a soldier, to prove his bravery to Akbar. He wants to give it back to Akbar in the same way. Akbar gets upset with Salim’s behavior. Salim then decides to return for Jodha and Anarkali’s sake. Anarkali and Salim yearn to meet and get high expectations about each other.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer cries for Zara. They both are in pain. Kabeer moves out of his room. Kabeer’s dad finds him shattered and encourages him. Kabeer hugs his dad and cries. His dad says you are very brave, who can win over life’s every problem. Kabeer’s mum tries to please Zara. She fails to make Zara smile. Ruksar finds Kabeer going to guest room. She invites him to her room. Kabeer warns her. Ruksar arranges the dinner to please Kabeer and family. Kabeer ruins the dinner feast. Kabeer tells her that he is unhappy with her.

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