Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A fatal attack on Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman to face an unexpected deal

ww>Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A fatal attack on Raman… Bhallas start preparations for the Navratri. They have a get together on the first day of Navratri. They get ready for Mata ki Chowki. Raman doesn’t want to go with him. He tells them that he doesn’t want to trouble anyone, he will rest at home. Ishita asks the family members to leave, she will get ready and come later. Raman finds Ishita worried.

Ishita informs him about Kaushalya’s worse state. Raman tells her that he didn’t get rude to Kaushalya, he isn’t at fault. She tells him that Rohan and Karan are thinking they are responsible. She informs that Sudha has made the matter worse for them. He asks Ishita to go for Chowki, he will manage himself for few hours. The family prays for Raman’s recovery. Rohan gets drunk thinking of his mother’s state. He heads to Bhalla house to take revenge on Raman. Ishita worships and wishes that everything gets fine in their lives.

She wants Rohan’s misunderstanding to end soon. Raman gets busy in work. Rohan arrives there to kill him. Ishita stays restless in her worries. Raman gets a big shock when he sees drunken Rohan attempting to stab him. He tries to explain Rohan that Kaushalya’s state didn’t worsen because of him. Rohan reprimands him and gets insulting him. He blames Raman for all the problems in his life.

Raman fights back with him. He asks Rohan to stop his madness. Ishita reaches there in time and finds Rohan attacking Raman. She stops Rohan. Rohan catches Ishita and threatens to kill her in order to hurt Raman. He wants Raman to pay the price for his mistake. He asks Raman to watch Ishita dying like a helpless man. Raman loses his cool and attempts to get up from his wheelchair. Karan worries that Rohan has gone to Bhalla house. He asks Ruhi if she knows about Rohan. Ruhi tells him that they aren’t at home. Ruhi fears for Raman and Ishita. Karan tells her that Rohan can do anything in drunken state. Ruhi and Aaliya get panicking thinking of Raman. Ishita cries in pain when Rohan hurts her.

A miracle happens, and Raman gets rid of the wheelchair in order to save Ishita. The family prayers work for Raman. Raman gets back on his feet and fights Rohan to save Ishita. Raman bashes up Rohan. Ishita gets glad for Raman, that he has got completely fine. She asks him to realize that he is standing on his feet and has recovered completely. Bhallas learn Rohan’s plan to cure Raman. Aaliya gives her nod for marrying Rohan, just because of Raman’s recovery.



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