Ishq SubhanAllah: Another divorce drama surrounds Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Another divorce drama surrounds Kabeer… Kabeer declares to the media that he will divorce Ruksar. Ruksar opposes Kabeer, and tells them that Kabeer is giving her divorce against her wish. She tells Zara that she stood for women rights before, will she allow Kabeer to give divorce to his wife this time. She asks Zara how can she change her perception when its about Kabeer. She says you have changed, since Kabeer loves you, Kabeer can’t divorce me against my will. She asks Zara if this is justifies. Kabeer tries to keep Zara away from Ruksar. He doesn’t want Zara to fall in Ruksar’s words. Ruksar asks Zara if she will let this injustice happen. Zara gets in big dilemma. Kabeer tells Zara that the blames Ruksar has put on him are wrong. He wants Zara to believe him. They have a tensed situation in the Shariah board.

Kabeer tells everyone that he always does his duty by remembering his ethics and principles. He never does wrong and can’t think of hurting anyone. He tells everyone that he loves just one person, that’s his first wife Zara. The media surrounds them and troubles Zara by their questions. Kabeer stops them and takes Zara with her. Ruksar takes the drama higher. Ruksar tells Kabeer’s mum that she will divorce Kbeer only for her sake. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Kabeer’s mum by the hunger strike. Kabeer’s mum wants Zara to be back in the family as her only bahu.

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