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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Telly Spoilers… Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Bhallas plan a grand roka ceremony for Aaliya and Rohan. Raman and Mani happily hug Rohan and accept him in the family. Mrs. Bhalla performs the Roka rituals. They are happy for Aaliya’s new start. Aaliya brings happiness in the house. Rohan has struggled a lot, but has won everyone’s heart. Rohan has finally won Aaliya’s heart. He expects her to love him as he loves her. He tells her that he will never force his emotions on her and wait patiently till she loves him. He is sure that she will soon love him, if he stays true to her. He promises to always support her, and keep her happy. Aaliya trusts him. Rohan and Aaliya get blessings from Kaushalya. The Bhallas surprise them by keeping Dandiya night in Navratri. Everyone plays Dandiya. The happiness seems to have come forever, but Sudha arrives to cast her evil shadow on them.

Zoya gets drunk, and creates a scene in the Mu Dikhai ceremony. Anjana is becoming a big reason for their differences. She wants to prove Zoya a wrong choice. She wants the family to withdraw support. Zoya misbehaves with the guests and gets scolded. Aditya supports his wife and gets against his mother. Aditya will oppose Anjana.


Sir ji presents Muskaan on the stage. He makes her Muskaan perform on a song. Muskaan dances on the stage. Ronak watches her shockingly. He didn’t know that Muskaan who was so shy and nervous to walk on the fashion show ramp, will dance this way in front of so many men. Muskaan didn’t know Tabassum’s planning to sell her off on her birthday. Sir ji and Tabassum auction Muskaan and ask the clients to bid for the moon. Muskaan refuses to get sold. She asks Tabassum to leave her. Tabassum drags her and asks her to cooperate. Rakhi and Sapna don’t let Muskaan go. Muskaan learns their evil intentions. She tries to get saved. She falls unconscious. Ronak comes on the stage and points gun at Tabassum. Ronak threatens them and lifts Muskaan to take her with him.


Shivay stays in trauma after returning home. He has slept on the ground in the jail for five years. He doesn’t get sleep on the bed. He goes to sleep on the floor. Anika finds him troubled. She also goes to sleep on the floor. He murmurs in sleep and appears too tensed. He didn’t kill Tej with a plan, and apologize to his brothers in sleepy state. Anika cries listening to him. Anika tries to relieve him. He reacts angrily and pushes her away. She gets hurt by him. He gets worried and asks her is she fine, did she get hurt. He tells her that he didn’t push her intentionally.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer meets Zara’s dad and talks to him to find a solution of the problems. He expresses his pain. He tells her that he can give divorce to Ruksar and solve this mess easily. Zara’s dad says you can’t give her divorce, there has to be a relation to break it, you didn’t form any relation with her, you have to state a reason for divorce. He guides Kabeer.

Meri HaniKarak Biwi:
Akhilesh and Ira are on a sweet mission to make Mahira marry her lover. They help Mahira and try to prove to Mahira’s family that rich people are bad, so that they accept Mahira’s poor lover. Akhilesh and Ira play Dandiya and enjoy. He is getting stuck in his own drama just to save his father from Mahira’s family. Akhilesh and Ira want to get Brijesh back only for Pushpa’s sake. Akhilesh and Ira want to disappoint Mahira’s family. Ira supports Akhilesh to save him from the drama. Akhilesh and Ira have a moment. Mahira takes him away for the dance. Mahira and Ira want Akhilesh and fight. They do the drama just to cancel the alliance.

Perfect Pati:
Vidhi regards Pushkar as her friend. She looks forward to start a new life with Pushkar. She talks innocently and tells him that he trusts him a lot, since Ashwin has chosen him for her. He asks her what does she mean. She tells him that last time, she has chosen Vivek for herself, it was her decision to marry Vivek. He gets too angered knowing he isn’t Vidhi’s choice. He gets thinking of Vidhi and Vivek. He imagines their romance, and ruins his wedding night. He leaves Vidhi alone and goes away from the house. Vidhi realizes her mistake of mentioning Vivek. She decides to apologize to Pushkar when he returns.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam is raised by Biji. Majaaz left her for her betterment. He accepts Farhaan’s deal and also surrenders himself to reach the army base camp. Majaaz sacrifices everything for Mariam’s sake. Mariam is away from her family. Mariam’s story gets a big change after the leap. She recalls her father Majaaz. She gets a new identity of Manjeet. He meets a photo reporter Fawad and gets Majaaz’s picture from him.

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Majaaz is tagged as a terrorist. Mariam has memories of Majaaz and cries. Fawad wants to catch Majaaz and expose his truth. Mariam follows a new path in her life. Mariam wants to know the past incidents of her life.

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  1. thanks TR for muskaan’s update… i like Raunak in the show….. i want to see the episode when raunak come across muskaan dancing on stage….

  2. Zoya you married Aditya with your choice and against the parents wish. now why are you acting in this matter that you don’t have any trust in Aditya….. why you have accepted the relation , when there is no trust at all……

  3. Ronak muskaan ko kahan lekar jaaooge aur..kyun…abhi tak toh love confession bhi nai hua. Itne me hi gun nikalgayi.. .sooooo sweeeett

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