Muskaan: Ronak to undergo an emotional turmoil

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Ronak kidnaps Muskaan and takes her home. Ghosh gets goons at Ronak’s house, and gets Ronak beaten up. Muskaan runs away from Ronak. Ronak fights with the goons. He gets saved and follows Muskaan. He has mixed emotions. He loves Muskaan and is much angry knowing her background. He wants to know why she has cheated him by pretending innocent. Ronak sees police finding them. Ronak hides Muskaan from police. Ronak falls asleep after they reach an isolated place. Muskaan takes him at gun point, and runs away again. She runs inside the jungle and calls police for help. There are many hits and misses. Ronak catches Muskaan and asks her not to call police.

She begs him to let him go. He tells her that he is saving her life, she should be thankful to him, but she seems to return. He asks why is she wishing to return. She wants to go back to the hell for Aarti’s sake. She tells him that if she doesn’t save Aarti, Tabassum will kill her.

She wants to secure Aarti’s life. Ronak doesn’t want Muskaan to return to that hell. He questions her about her life. She tells her life’s entire story to him, while he thinks she is cooking up a funny story. She wants him to believe in her life’s struggles. Ronak vents out his anger on her. Muskaan begs Ronak to let her go home, her mum has no support other than her. She gets scared for Aarti’s well-being. She can’t explain herself to Ronak. Ronak gets adamant and tells her that he won’t let her return to the brothel. Ronak doesn’t express the reason for his annoyance. He doesn’t leave her free. He wants to keep her caged if it helps her.

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