Jiji Maa: Uttara to counter Piyali’s smart plans

Jiji Maa: Uttara to counter Piyali's smart plans

Jiji Maa: Uttara to counter Piyali’s smart plans… Falguni dances with Suyash and Piyali in their Sangeet ceremony. Piyali lies to Karma and controls him. Uttara plays to bring out Suyash’s illness truth and frame Piyali in the false news. Uttara doesn’t want the marriage to happen. She is sure that Falguni will stop the marriage when Suyash’s fake lung cancer truth comes out. She calls Suyash’s doctor home to reveal the truth to family. Piyali finds Uttara up to some plan and tries to know it. Piyali reaches the doctor and limits him before he tells anything to Falguni. Piyali gives medicines to Suyash and gets his state normalized. Suyash thanks Piyali for help. Piyali wants to snatch Falguni’s relations. She wants to really marry Suyash.

Falguni and Piyali perform on Dola re song and throw tashan at each other. Suyash doesn’t want to hurt Falguni’s feelings, but is helpless. He gets tricked by Uttara into believing that he is going to die soon. He wants to settle Falguni before his death. He wishes Falguni hates him and moves on in her life. Falguni wants to know the reason that’s compelling Suyash. Falguni falls down during her performance. Suyash holds her in time. Falguni understands his concern.

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