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Shivay feels hurt by his brothers’ indifference. He feels broken down after witnessing Priyanka’s hatred. Priyanka too changes her side and condemns Shivay. Shivay feels he has done a big mistake by coming home. The family turns away when he joins them for breakfast. He feels bad that no one wants him in the family. He tells Anika that he doesn’t want to stay with them, since his presence is hurting them. Anika encourages him to win everyone back again. Omkara and Rudra don’t want to give any rights back to Shivay. They want to oppose Shivay completely. Rudra prepares a speech for the event. He tells Omkara that he will make sure that Shivay stays away from the company.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam wants to find Majaaz some how. She feels God has sent Fawad as an angel for her, so that she can meet Majaaz. Fawad holds a grudge against Majaaz, and wants to find him too, just to take revenge. Mariam and Fawad have the same aim and get determined to reach Majaaz. Mariam is happy to know that Majaaz is alive. She informs Biji about Majaaz and gets positive.

Silsila: Kunal records a message for Nandini. He apologizes for his mistakes. Mauli watches the video and gets confused. She feels the emotional message is for her. Kunal invites Nandini on the dinner date. Mauli reaches the place happily, that she would be meeting Kunal. Kunal waits for Nandini. He doesn’t know that video has got delivered to Mauli. Mauli meets Kunal and thanks him for giving their marriage a second chance. Kunal gets a big shock on seeing Mauli. Mauli tells him that she is ready to forget and forgive all his mistakes, they shall have a new beginning, they should reconcile for the sake of the child.

Papa By Chance:

There is a new entry of Ms. Chandni Chowk. Yuvaan loses the Dangal. Amrit does aid to his wounds with love. Jinny invites Yuvaan on stage. She tells him that she was the judge of the Dangal. Yuvaan pays respect to wrestler. Jinny falls in love with Yuvaan. She tries to befriend Yuvaan. She tells him that she didn’t see such a wrestling match till now. She congratulates him and hands over the runner up prize to him. Yuvaan also compliments Jinny. She finds him very boring. She throws attitude at him. Yuvaan finds her classy. There will be a love triangle between Amrit, Yuvaan and Jinny.


Suraj and Chakor succeed to expose Rajeshwari once again, when her aide confesses all the crimes. Suraj and Chakor get Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey arrested by revealing the shocking recording to the media. Chakor conquers over evil once again. Chakor protects Anjor. She gets Anjor freed from Rajeshwari’s clutches. She wants to make sure that Rajeshwari gets ousted from the political pary and loses all her powers. Rajeshwari gets angered and wants to take revenge on Chakor. Anjor gets misled of Chakor’s love for her, and gets distant from her. Chakor gets worried by Anjor’s strange behavior. Suraj assures that he will unite Chakor and Anjor.


Ronak confronts Muskaan for breaking his trust. He doesn’t express that he is in love with her. He gets angry on her for lying to him and winning his heart by innocence. He asks her if she is so shameless to cheat men this way. He asks Muskaan if she had some motive behind her lies. Muskaan doesn’t care for Ronak’s anger and misunderstanding. She just worries for Aarti. Suzaine is sure that Tabassum will trouble Aarti and punish her for Muskaan’s disappearance. She convinces Aarti to run away from the brothel. Suzaine succeeds in securing Aarti. Tabassum learns Aarti is missing. She informs Sir ji about Aarti. She send the goons to get Muskaan and Aarti back. Ronak faces an attack by Tabassum’s goons once again, and beats them up. He flees with Muskaan to know his answers.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika gears up to fight Nisha’s black magic.. Vedika feels failing to convince Sahil about Nisha’s black magic. Vedika gets the entire family to Nisha’s room to show the evidence against Nisha. She fails to prove anything. Badi Amma gets angry when Puneesh gets a black doll from Vedika’s room. Badi Amma threatens Vedika, but Manjula comes in front to defend her daughter. Manjula knows Vedika can be a victim, but never a culprit. She tells them that one day Nisha will ruin them, and then they will realize their mistake.

Salim gets possessive about his friend Anarkali. Rukaiya makes sure that she exposes Salim’s crazy friendship with Anarkali in front of Akbar and Jodha. She is sure that Akbar will condemn Salim and Anarkali’s relation. Salim fails Rukaiya’s plan and comes to attend the dinner organized by Jodha. He acts drunk, while Rukaiya gets happy. He then greets everyone. Rukaiya realizes Daniyal failed in his plan. She then instructs Daniyal and Murad to misbehave with Anarkali. Salim gets enraged when he finds Murad forcing Anarkali to serve him a drink. Salim takes a stand for his friend. He angrily serves drinks to Murad. His behavior shocks everyone. Salim hurts Murad. The dinner gets ruined by Salim’s anger. Anarkali too gets worried seeing Salim’s rage. She didn’t know Salim can get too fierce. Akbar gets upset with Salim once again.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag to marry Komolika… Navin sends shagun for Prerna at her home. Anurag and Prerna are destined to fall in love. Mohini and Anurag arrive at Prerna’s house with Navin’s shagun. Mohini tries to show off by the many gifts and shagun. Suman turns greedy. She gets happy seeing the gifts. Anurag wants to stop Prerna’s marriage. Prerna is marrying Navin unwillingly. She fails to prove her love for the family. She has made her family upset as well. She just hopes to solve their problems and get away from them. Navin is planning to exploit Prerna post marriage. He hides his vicious plans. Veena and Rajesh welcome Mohini again. Anurag apologizes to them for the jail incident. He makes Mohini apologize to them as well.

Bepannaah brings Romance, revelations and revenge.. Aditya romances Zoya. Zoya gets interrupted by the mysterious person, chasing her happiness. Zoya first decided to not make any relation with Aditya, until she solves the mystery. Seeing Aditya’s love and concern, she changes her mind. She decides to take the relation to the next step. Aditya thinks Zoya needs some time to accept him. Zoya feels sorry to hurt Aditya again.

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