Yeh Rishta: Kartik and Naira take up a big responsibility

Yeh Rishta: Kartik and Naira take up a big responsibility

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira take up a big responsibility.. Suwarna regrets for her bad mistakes done in the past. She recollects her promise to Akshara. She wants to fulfill her promise and responsibility. She apologizes to Akshara once again. Singhanias carry out Naira’s Bidaai happily. Kartik also revives the love vows again. He promises to always take care of Naira. He tells everyone that he has earned enough experience to keep his wife happy in his second innings. He wants to fulfill all the vows which were left incomplete last time. He doesn’t want to leave Naira alone. He promises them that he will never ever break Naira’s trust. Manish thanks Naitik for returning his house’s Laxmi. Suwarna also welcomes Naira with a big heart. Everyone asks Kartik and Naira to stay happy together. Naksh hands over Naira’s medicines to Kartik and asks him to look after Naira.

Dadi worries with the bad omen, when Kartik and Naira’s photo with the family breaks down. Dadi doesn’t want any bad omen to ruin their happiness. Akhilesh talks to someone for his benefits. Dadi sees the sudden onset of mist. She gets scared by the darkness. Even Goenkas taking their bahu home, get blocked by the fog layer coming in their way. They wonder what’s happening suddenly.

Dadi worries for the family’s unity. Dadi wonders why is this happening when Naira is coming home. She prays for Kartik and Naira’s happiness. She doesn’t want their lives to suffer more. She wishes Kartik and Naira always stay together. Kartik brings Naira home. She turns auspicious for the family. The sunlight breaks through the fog and brings brightness when Naira steps inside the house. Dadi takes this as a good omen, and considers Naira lucky for the family. Dadi hugs Kartik and Naira, and tells them that they have brought light in the family again. She tells them how restless she was feeling until they came. Kartik and Naira assure her that they will not let anything happen, they will fight with every problem.

Goenkas welcome Naira happily. Kartik and Naira fix the broken family frame. They promise to always keep the family united. Dadi turns emotional by Naira’s gesture. Naira takes the big responsibility of Goenka family again. Naira turns happy with the good welcome. Suwarna promises her that she will always love her. Manish also promises to always keep Naira happy. Naira gets blessings from the entire family. Kartik also promises to always have love and trust in his marriage. He wants to keep Naira as his queen.

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