Perfect Pati: Pushkar to take revenge on Maasa-Rangeela

Perfect Pati

Perfect Pati: Pushkar to take revenge on Maasa-Rangeela… Pushkar confronts Maasa for her evil planning of bride swapping. He asks her how dare she try to kidnap Vidhi and get her married against her will with Rangeela. He tells her that she can’t change the destiny, and now she has to accept that Bela’s destiny is connected to Rangeela. He asks her to send Bela with her groom Rangeela. Maasa refuses to him. She feels sorry for her mistake. Pushkar tells her that he really wants to see how Bela pays for her mistakes. He tells Maasa that Rangeela will take Bela with him according to the marriage customs. Maasa gets worried. She doesn’t want to ruin Bela’s life.

Pushkar meets Rangeela and encourages him to get Bela home. He tells Rangeela that Bela is his wife now and he has all the rights on her. He tells how family’s rights on a girl ends after the marriage. Vidhi supports Bela as the marriage happened without her knowledge. She doesn’t want Bela’s life to get ruined. She asks Bela not to worry, she will stop Rangeela. Pushkar supports Rangeela and asks him to control his wife Bela. He instigates Rangeela to compel Maasa for Bela’s Bidaai.

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