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Udaan:Anjor develops hatred for Chakor, knowing Chakor has sacrificed her life to get justice. Anjor feels Chakor doesn’t love her anymore. Suraj tells Chakor that he will explain Anjor the situation and change her mind. Anjor asks Chakor to be away from her. She prefers to go school alone. Another kidnapping attempt happens. Anjor gets scared when someone tries to kidnap her. Leela fails to save Anjor. Vikram takes a disguise and meets Leela. He saves Anjor from the kidnappers, sent by him. Vikram acts to become their savior. Leela invites him home. Leela tells Suraj and Chakor about Vikram, saving them from kidnappers. Suraj and Chakor get thankful to Vikram. Vikram befriends them with a motive to take revenge.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna and Radhe have a confrontation. Krishna is hurt by his cheat. Radhe is hurt by the misunderstandings. Radhe invites her for Dandiya festive. Radhe tells her that he wants his wife to be with him in the Dandiya event. He commands her to come with him. Krishna stops him from his madness. Dubey wants Radhe to leave from his house. Krishna cares for Radhe knowing his drunken state. Saajan tells her that Radhe got too drunk just to forget the sorrow. Krishna decides to attend the Dandiya fest.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:
Bua accuses Jaya once again. She tells Samar that Jaya is troubling her. Bua acts to have heart ache. She tells everyone that her health is getting worse because of Jaya. Jaya clarifies her stand to Samar. Bua influences Samar. Jaya gets hurt by Samar’s words. She sheds tears. Bua tells them that Jaya has left the bathroom geyser on, she went for the bath and got burnt by hot water. Bua feels Jaya is doing this intentionally. Rama loves Jaya a lot. She stops Bua from scolding Jaya. Bua says Jaya can’t tolerate me here for few days, I should better leave from here. Bua complains about Jaya. Rama trusts Jaya. She knows that Jaya can’t hurt anyone intentionally. Bua scolds Jaya. She wants Rama to control Jaya and not let Satya interfere in Jaya’s married life.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag’s love confession for Prerna… Mohini gets happy with Navin that he got Anurag and Prerna bailed out. She grants him a wish. Navin takes advantage of the situation and prepones the marriage. He asks Mohini to throw a grand engagement party for him and Prerna. Mohini fulfills his wish and starts preparing for his engagement. Navin wants to hurry up and marry Prerna to fulfill his evil intentions. Prerna attends her college. Navin calls her for coming in the party on time. Prerna feels trapped. She sheds tears in the ladies washroom. Anurag happens to hear Prerna’s cry and confession over her problems. Prerna deals with her life’s problems without telling anyone. She wants to stay strong.


Anarkali wants to stay away from Salim, but Jodha makes a request to her to go to Salim and convince him for an apology. Jodha knows that just Anarkali can convince Salim. Anarkali meets Salim, and gets him with her. Firdaus’ plans to attract Salim into her beauty fails. Salim asks Anarkali to be with him. Rukaiya learns that Anarkali has caused ab obstacle in her plans again. She gets angered and contacts some thugs to get Anarkali kidnapped. She asks the goons to kidnap Anarkali and sell her off somewhere far. She wants Anarkali out of her way at any cost.

She makes a plan and sends Anarkali out of the palace by an excuse, so that the kidnapping gets possible. Salim awaits Anarkali. Rukaiya sends a fake letter to Salim, and informs him that Anarkali isn’t interested in meeting him. Salim gets the fake letter from Anarkali and gets angered. He wants to know the reason that Anarkali is keeping herself away. Salim goes to find Anarkali for an answer. Salim will be saving Anarkali from the kidnappers.

Jiji Maa:
Piyali and Uttara have a heated argument again. Uttara attempts to stop the marriage. She makes Karma against Piyali, by telling him about Piyali’s love for Suyash. She drives Karma jealous and angry. Piyali understands Uttara’s planning and confronts her. She gets on admitting the crimes done by Uttara. Falguni gets to overhear their conversation. She receives a big shock knowing about Suyash’s critical illness. She realizes there is another enemy of Suyash living with them. She also realizes that Suyash has been wanting to end the marriage just because of the enemy’s trick.


Soumya and Harman will regain their memory. They will be breaking the caging bonds of their lives and rush to each other. Harman meets Soumya and tells her that he has regained his memory and knows she is his Gulabo. He says even the universe couldn’t separate us. Soumya tells him that she is living just for him. Harman hugs Soumya and asks her to come home with him. Soumya recollects that they share the bond of marriage. Harman happily gets Soumya home and tells Preeto that he has found his Gulabo. Harman and Soumya happily unite. Preeto gets happy for them, and blesses.

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