Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar keeps a shocking condition

Ishq SubhanAllah Ruksar ugly accusation shocks Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar keeps a shocking condition… Ruksar stoops more low. She returns the bridal dress to Kabeer. She also gives away all the jewelry. She keeps a condition and tests Kabeer and Zara’s love. She also wants to test her fate. She gets guided and realizes that Kabeer and Zara fell in love after their divorce. She feels if Kabeer will also fall in love with her if she takes divorce. She tells Kabeer that she has freed him now. She gets few days time to make Kabeer fall for her. She plans to impress Kabeer by her ways. She wants Kabeer to accept her as his wife. Ruksar tells Zeenat that she will try to attract Kabeer, since nothing is working in her favor. Ruksar takes a chance for her life’s happiness.

Kabeer agrees to spend few days with Ruksar, shocking Zara. Kabeer stays away from Ruksar. He gets a nightmare that Ruksar has shot Zara to death. He gets worried for Zara. Ruksar dreams for getting Kabeer.

She gets worried that she may lose him. She gets crazy for him. She can do anything to get him. Ruksar gets stubborn to work out her marriage. Kabeer stays disturbed. He asks his friend to just shoot him down and solve the mess. He feels lost in life because of his two wives. Imran guides Kabeer. He doesn’t want Kabeer to risk his life, and fulfill Ruksar’s condition. He wants Kabeer to accept the legitimate thing, than killing himself. Kabeer wants to just get rid of Ruksar and then convince Zara. Kabeer has only intention to have Zara in his life. Zara witnesses Kabeer’s sorrow. She learns Ruksar’s condition. She believes in Kabeer’s love, but gets hurt knowing Kabeer has accepted Ruksar’s condition. She thinks this is a test of her love. She accepts the situation. Kabeer doesn’t want to part ways with Zara.

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