Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to expose Nidhi’s truth

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Vedika does tandav to save Sahil from Nisha’s evil powers. Sahil has turned into a stone. Vedika asks Shiv to bless her and Sahil. She gets stubborn to save Sahil’s life. She wants to revive Sahil by her devotion. Nisha asks Vedika to stop this. Vedika asks Nisha to make Sahil fine, else she won’t stop. Nisha agrees to Vedika and frees Sahil from the spell. Vedika gets happy that she has managed to save Sahil. Vedika and Sahil happily unite. Vedika cries and hugs Sahil, telling him how much worried she was for him. Arya also helps Vedika in solving the problems.

Vedika gets Sahil home and calls the pandit to keep a havan for everyone’s safety. Vedika has saved the family from Nisha’s evil powers. Nisha reveals all her crimes to them, and tells them that she is Sahil’s wife Nidhi. Nidhi tells them how she has got a new face and identity, and she wanted revenge from them. She feels Agarwal family has done wrong with her. Vedika finally ends Nidhi’s evil. Nidhi loses all the black magic powers, and turns neutral again. Bhoomi thanks Vedika for saving Sahil. Vedika wants to tell Sahil about Ved’s truth, that Sahil is Ved’s father. Will Sahil accept Vedika know the truth? Keep reading.


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