Papa By Chance: Amrit to learn Genie’s real intentions

Papa By Chance: Amrit attempts to end Yuvaan's annoyance

Yuvaan has become Genie’s fan. He likes her beauty. Yuvaan doesn’t tell her that he isn’t rich now, he is living out of the house. Genie goes for buying jewelry with him. She is also fooling him. She knows his rich background, and wants to get his money by trapping him in love. Yuvaan tells Genie that she is understanding and caring. He gets happy when she shows interest in her. Genie also flirts with him. Yuvaan wants to get Genie in his life. He buys a ring and thinks of proposing Genie.

He gets mistaken and makes Amrit wear the ring. He asks her to remove the ring. Amrit asks him did he go mad. Yuvaan tells her that he wants to propose Genie for marriage, and this ring was meant for him. Amrit wants to save Yuvaan from the new trouble. She knows Genie’s truth, that she is after Yuvaan’s money. Amrit gets insecure of Yuvaan’s love. She doesn’t want Genie to cheat Yuvaan. Amrit falls in love with Yuvaan.


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